The land of Yliakum is a melting pot of races with different culture and origin, mixed and integrated by living together over the centuries. Racial suspicion and hostility are completely unknown, given that the distances between cities are not great, and trades are a central part of Yliakum society. Nevertheless, the racial traditions are quite strong and evident, since they all arrived from distant different places not more than 700 years ago. For common genetic rules, any half-breed will have a prevailing race that will determine its physical traits. For this reason, the main races are relatively pure. In other words, it can't happen that the races merge together forming a single mixed race: if someone has a lemur father and an elf mother, he will belong to one race or to the other.


The Ylians believe they were the first men to see the Blue Sun. Their robust and well-proportioned body gives them the opportunity to work in all arts. Ylians are a practical and disciplined race with fighters, sorcerers, merchants and politicians. They tend to learn a little of everything without choosing a preferred profession. Ylian are also known as excellent teachers of crafts and skills. The Ylian naturally turned to worship of Talad, the first god they met after exiting the portal, but given their eclectic nature, they developed affinity towards all other gods. They live mainly in the city of Hydlaa.


Dermorians are elves in nature with harmonious body, a smooth amber-coloured or copper-coloured skin. The body structure is thin but more robust than the lemur. Due to the hard times in the Stone Labyrinths, they have developed a particular good night-vision. Considering their long span of life they believe in elders, oral knowledge and memories. They society is organized in many layers based on age, with a culture of memory and storytelling. After the revealing of Xiosia most Dermorians converted to her beliefs as she is the God of Nature. Their main city resides in the great forest, and it's named Quintherion.


Nolthrirs are a small elf type. They have a slim body with long muscles, hair and skin are coloured from azure to green. They tend to have a hairless body, but both sexes have very long thick hair. Elves are the longest-lived of all the species at two hundred years. They live mainly underwater or on sea shores. The serenity of the underwater life with its soft rumours and dimmed lights is reflected in Nolthrirs way of life. Seaweeds and fishes are the only food they eat, especially the algae cultivated in special magical farm fields.


They belong more to the mineral kingdom than to the animal one. Their organism is the only one, amongst the known races, to be based on silicon instead of carbon. They appear as humanoids made of rock. They are born underground and none of them has ever seen the light of the sun. Without ears: they perceive sounds thanks to vibrations on their bodies. Nearly all Kran are followers of Talad, their creator. The way in which they reproduce is incompatible with all other races: they reproduce by gemmation. The main city is called Gugrontid and it's located in the Dome.


The Klyros are a humanoid reptilian race with a tall, slim body. Their hands have sharp and dangerous claws. Their skin is similar to reptiles, it is not slimy as someone thinks, it's cold and smooth, and varies from gray-green to steel dark blue. They are the only known race to have affinity with all three elements: water (they can breath underwater), air (they can fly), earth (they walk and live on ground). The Klyros believe strongly in the concept of brotherhood amongst the other members of their race. A big Klyros city is located in the Dome and called Amdeneir.


Humanoids with feline features, the Enkidukai are smaller than humans. Their bodies are covered in short hair rather like fur, which is either striped, spotted, dark or uniform. Their legs are similar in shape to the ones of a feline, and they have paws instead of feet. Their arms are long and lean, their hands sometimes have claws. They are organized in packs: the Rabani, Clamod, Sarraghi, Blikau, Kore, and Akkaio. Their main city is Ojaveda. They possess extraordinary acute senses, and excellent reflexes, used in martial arts.


They got shiny oil-black skin, a long thin pointed tail and little horns. Compared to the other races Diaboli live much shorter lives, only around 50 years. They are famous for their ability to attract and charm people, and therefore the Diaboli have a natural talent for social relations. In Yliakum they were not well accepted by all races. With the Dermorians they established very good relationships and actually created some half-breed called Ynnwn. The part of the Diaboli disappeared in the Death Realm about 200 years ago, but still a number are present in Yliakum.


They are one of the shortest races living in Yliakum, but one of the more robust and physically powerful. They let their beards and moustache grow and then tie them in plaits and knots. Their love of war and fighting has given them a semi-martial society and along with their prowess at metal working a love for weapons of all sorts. The two major clans in existance are the Stonebreaker and the Hammerwielders. Stonehammers have a more natural affinity with metals and gems than with granite, becoming often-clever blacksmiths and gem cutters. They are also clever engineers and have built many of the most wonderous structures in Yliakum.


The Lemurs have an appearance similar to Humans, but their origins can't be connected. They have a hypoxygenated skin, which after living in dark and subterranean places with low ventilation perspires little and is almost completely without pigment. For this reason, they have a pale and azure complexion. They have a clever intellect, superior to the other races. The Lemurs are brilliant artist, innate aesthete and researchers of beauty in all its forms. Education, science, and study are very important to the Lemur, even in religion and magic, since they see both as extensions of science. They have been created by Laanx.


(non playable race)

The Ynnwn race is a crossing between a Diaboli and a Dermorian. Two such opposite characters generated a type of giant, never shorter than two meters, with dark red skin. Ynnwn have pointed ears and white hair. Sometimes they grow horns. In rare cases a Ynnwn will have a tail. Their unusual blood gives them a harmful sensitivity to precious metals. Their main city is called Listarindel and located in the Dome close to the great forest. One of them created the famous Pterosaur Arena and run the games there.