PlaneShift - Nolthrirs

Physical Traits

Body: Nolthrir are a small type of elf similar to Dermorians. They have a slim body with long muscles. Hair and skin are generally colored from azure to green. They tend to have a hairless body, but both sexes have very long thick hair, varying in length from middle of the back to the waist. A soft high melodic tone of the voice is characteristic for the Nolthrir, as with the Dermorians. They have high cheekbones and their ears are pointed and have a slim look, tilting slightly back. They have long slim fingers, developed for better swimming. They can live underwater. Due to their underwater work and life they have developed webbing between their fingers and have both gilled and pulmonary respiration.
Height: Average height is 1.50m to 1.65m.
Eyes: Eyes are colored from light azure to light green. They have nightvision. Nolthrirs that travel to the upper level take some time to adjust to the brighter lights and surroundings as the setting is very different from their homes.
Hair: Usually long hair, ranging from Blue, Silver, Blonde, to Dark Green.
Age: Elves are the longest-lived of all the species at around two hundred years.
Starting stats: Strength 45, Endurance 75, Agility 75, Intelligence 70, Will 45, Charisma 40.

Social Structure and Organization

The serenity of the underwater life with its soft murmurs and dimmed lights is reflected in the Nolthrir way of life. They tend to live in the moment: "follow the flow" is a common motto, termed by scientists who have studied underwater currents. Nolthrir spend a lot of time exploring their emotions, and have special rituals of meditation allowing them to do so. Some of them also use potions to induce heightened emotional stats to take themselves to their limits. Dispersive, they tend to embark in many projects but finish very few of them. They become serious and work tirelessly only when their survival is at stake. Nolthrir prefer to gain social status rather than money, and tend to like being in big and always changing groups. The more people they know the more they are satisfied. Their personal connections are always changing, they have few groups that remain tied together for a long time. Sons and daughters often grow up with only one parent and they leave the family very young.


Nolthrir beliefs are centered on nature and elemental magic. Nolthrir followed this belief up until the Edict of Laanx, where all were required to choose an official religious affiliation. During this time the Nolthrir chose to follow Talad, for the most part, but still held close to their ancestral beliefs. After the revelation of Xiosia, a God that so closely mirrored their preferred beliefs, many of the Nolthrir converted to following her. A small number remained followers of Talad or Laanx and an even smaller number, practiced a darker belief by follow Dakkru upon her revelation.


Seaweeds and fish are the only food they eat, especially the algae cultivated in special magical farm fields. Having a great care for the sea ecosystem, they tend to eat few selected fishes, taken from breeding farms.

Abilities and fields of interest

Elemental Magic: Almost all elves have familiarity with some form of magic, mainly elemental magic. Nolthrirs have a particular disadvantage with using fire related spells, conversely they have a natural mastery of water spells. Nolthrir therefore have a natural affinity for Blue way magic.


Tools and Clothes

Their clothes are clearly inspired by the sea and their fishing activities. They like to use nets, material which resemble fish skin, and adorn their garments with sea shells. Their clothes are very light in nature, and easy to use underwater.


Homeworld name: Dermoria, same as Dermorians.

Description of Home World: Dermoria is a rich and fertile land. In its prime, large plains merged into lush forests which towered over deep bodies of water. The two ecosystems merged and flourished, one based on the sunny plains, the other based on the darker forests and wet lands that tied into the watery terrain. These ecosystems worked in a symbiotic relationship due to the efforts of the elves that tended the balance evolving into two different races that worked together to obtain and facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship.

Social structure and organization: No notable differences from the one in Yliakum, see above.

Reason for Leaving Home World: The Nolthrir lived in the deep of the great seas, only rarely coming to the surface. Seaweeds and aquatic animals were plentiful and the water was illuminated by the world above. This lasted until a foul marine current, never seen before, made of black mud and ashes started to contaminate the sea. The underwater flora began to die out first, unable to survive in the befouled water. The smallest sea creatures soon began to disappear as well, as the disappearance of the plants left them nothing to feed upon. As those died out, the larger fish that fed on them soon died or disappeared, searching for new sources of food. Piece by piece, life was disappearing from the once bountiful seas that the Nolthrir had inhabited for so long. The Nolthrir had no choice but to dive ever deeper, seeking clean water and escaping the increasingly hungry predators that were not bothered by the destruction. Thanks to their explorations, they found places of great wonder and creatures unlike any they had seen before, but even these places did not last. The ash, drawn ever deeper by dark and gritty whirlpools, began to destroy even these havens, so the Nolthrir swam deeper yet. Eventually the explorers came upon a new marvel. Deep below the surface they found a region of pure water, untouched by even the deepest whirlpools. Strange new fish and other creatures were abundant, despite the depth. The most remarkable discovery was at the center of the clean water, where a glowing portal of magical energy sat within a bubble of air that did not rise or dissipate. After months of study, one of the elders reported having had a vision of a new life for the Nolthrir on the far side of the portal. While some Nolthrir remained, others trusted in the vision and traveled through the portal to their promised new life.

Race history in Yliakum

  • Portal Location: Stone Labyrinths between Klyros and StoneHammers. (shared with Dermorians)
  • Mid part of 323 AY, Nolthrir arrived in the Stone Labyrinths. They found and started to follow the tracks left by Dermorians when they first entered the Labyrinths, they met the Dermorians in Ilith Thalasind.
  • 323 to 327 AY - The Nolthrir explored the Stone Labyrinths for nearly seven years; they returned a few times to the Dermorian city before venturing farther out into the unknown.
  • 330 AY - It was close to the end of year 330 AY when the Nolthrir reached Yliakum from the Stone Labyrinths.
  • 332 AY - The Nolthrir found the land was too dry, and searched for a way to travel down to where the light of the crystal was weaker. They found a path used by the StoneBreakers and showed up on the second level. They convinced the StonesBreaker clan to start building paths all the way down to the lake.
  • 340 AY - The StoneBreakers finished the first path all the way down to the lake, the Lower Field. The Nolthrir followed shortly after and established the first Nolthrir city, Mielthis, spanning the edge of the Lake and into the Deep.
  • 345 AY - Yaan Rykk (Klyros) visited the main city and warned the Nolthrir about an incoming Megaras attack. The Nolthrir decided to listen and prepared giant ballistas to repel the attack.
  • 347 AY - Nolthrir City, Mielthis, was completed.
  • 348 AY - The attack from the Megaras happened and the city was successfully saved. A friendship was started between the two races.
  • 387 AY - The Pillars. Being in a completely different world and meeting different races, started a revolution in the Nolthrir culture. A group of scholars started to study and created laws with ideas on how to support a civilized society. They managed to elevate the society of Nothrirs.
  • 390 AY - The Sparks An opposite society of scholars thought that the basics of civilization had to be religion and not science/laws and started to gain many followers. Many clashes between the two groups followed in the following years, and caused the Nolthrir population to split in two separate groups.
  • 405 AY - Mielthis expanded underwater, exploring the majority of level 7. Underwater houses, nets, passages were created.
  • 426 AY - The Worm. A big worm-like monster developed during the years in the Deep, and started to attack the underwater structures of the Nolthrir. It took a few years to get rid of it.
  • 467 AY - A big hurricane hit both above and under water cites of the Nolthrir. Major destruction was caused to the cities. The cause was unknown and happened only one time in their history.
  • 523 AY - Overpopulation Many baby booms, the continuous peace, and no control of the births made the city overpopulated. A famine started in the lower levels of the society.
  • 534 AY - Magic algae-farming The mages found ways to boost the production of food and the city grew to its most splendid state.
  • 585 AY - Black farmers Blackflame adepts went undercover in the mage ranks and spread a magic illness in the algae-farm fields. The illness was planted in the richest field in a dormant state.
  • 601 AY - The dormant illness of the algae became active. The city went through a massive famine and rebellion from the food starved. Black farmers started to support the conflict with the help of some hired mercenaries, while they fortify their healthy plantations to become rich.
  • 605 AY - Some of the black farmers became very rich and powerful, getting the highest places in their society.
  • 607 AY - Nolthrirs found out who started the wreckage and a war for getting their food started. Some of the Black Farmers started to fall, but some were still hidden and in powerful positions.
  • 615 -> 620 AY - After many dark years and battles the population found some peace.
  • 636 AY - The society started to grow back into its original splendor.
  • 650-750 AY TO BE DEFINED.

Significant Person Tracking
To be defined

Special Places
  • Main City : Mielthis, level 6, sector D.