PlaneShift - Support / Help

Experiencing problems with the game?

There are multiple ways you can get support for PlaneShift, the main one is through our community and player base. But we also have petitions in game and a bug tracker where you can post the bug you find, plus a way to chat with the developers. Choose the method you think is more appropriate from the ones below.

Technical Help Forums

This is the best place to start.
There are two forum sections dedicated to any issues you may encounter related to the game: before you step into the world, and after. There you can discuss your issue with other players, find possible workarounds, or discover that perhaps it was not a bug at all. Please be sure to follow the posting guidelines, and try to search previously created threads before making your own - your issue could have already been addressed.


You can type /petition in your chatbox followed by a short explanation of the problem. For example, you might type the following:

/petition NPC Harnquist has a typo in his speech when I ask him "How are you?"

Or you can open the Petitions window through your top menu bar, and click on "New", typing your text there to appeal for help.

When submitting a petition to the Game Masters, please be certain to include all pertinent information. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Try to explain what happened in reproducible steps so that we can investigate and attempt to reproduce the issue. For example if you are having issues with a quest, include the quest name as well as the NPC or item that is giving you trouble. For NPCs, please be certain to spell the name correctly and mention where they can be found. Please include as much information as possible. You can use the command /pos to get your exact coordinates in the world.

Reporting a Bug - BugTracker

A bug is not officially "known" until it is posted on BugTracker. People who want to contribute to the game are highly encouraged to hunt for bugs and post them there. (It's often more fun than actually playing the game!) However, that being said, it should not be your first stop. Please search the PlaneShift forums and on BugTracker before posting anything! Use the advanced search page to look for pre-existing bugs before posting. Unreproducible bugs, bugs without enough information (that only you seem to get), and bugs that have a known fix will be closed very quickly. If we can't use the report to fix the problem, it is not a useful contribution. Please help us keep the clutter down.

Main points:

  • Post ALL the info you can get. That includes steps to recreate, screenshots, dumps, and backtraces if you can get them.
  • Checking the CVS history before posting to see if it has already been fixed, is often a good idea.
  • Really big bugs should be reported to a developer on Chat ! in Discord.
  • Please don't assume a bug is "known". Playing the game on our test server does us no good if no one reports the bugs!
  • Please do not post something to the effect of "it doesn't work" or "the server is down". BugTracker is not a place to get tech help, nor is it a place to report temporary issues. Use the forums for such problems.

Chat with other players or developers

You can join our chat channels to discuss about your problem with other players, game masters, or even developers. Please read our Chat page for details on how to chat with us.