PlaneShift Unreal Alpha Release 0.7.11

By PlaneShift Team, July 5th    No comments.

Greetings Planeshifters, the new Alpha release 0.7.11 is ready, it has been released few days ago, but we took some time to test it before publishing this news. Seems stable enough now! This release is available through the PSLauncher, so run that program, and it will update the game.

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PlaneShift Unreal Alpha Release 0.7.10

By PlaneShift Team, May 31st      One comment.

Yay! We made it again! Another PlaneShift Alpha release is out! Considering we changed the Unreal Engine version, most of the files are updated, and so this time its a full download. This also allowed us to recompile the updater itself to the new version of UE.

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PlaneShift Unreal Alpha Release 0.7.9

By PlaneShift Team, April 2nd      3 comments.

After only one month from the previous release, here is another one for you to test and enjoy! We are still in Alpha, and lot still to do, but with your support and our passion, we can do it! Version 0.7.9 is now available.

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