Guilds within PlaneShift

Guilds are a critical part of gameplay in PlaneShift. You cannot miss to be part of one!

Guild: An association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards.

Guilds allow you to know more people, to team up for completion of larger and more complex tasks, to choose your side and outline better the identity of your character.

To create your guild in the game, you need to have 20,000 tria and four other people readily available to join within 5 minutes of creation! If you do not have five members in your guild within five minutes, the guild will disband and you will not get a refund. So have people ready! It shouldn't be hard to find other members if your guild is interesting and thought-out. Read on to find some tips on guild creation.

Read more about how to define your guild in here.

Guilds on Laanx (Main Server)

The following list is extracted regularly from the in game database, and presents all the guilds with active members. The members column shows the number of members in the guild which logged in game in the last year.

Banner Guild Members
The Family logo The Family
Founded: 11 December 2011
Iron Claw logo Iron Claw
Founded: 23 February 2016
The Way of the Hammer logo The Way of the Hammer
Founded: 14 July 2006
Founded: 24 December 2020
The Seven Ways
Founded: 23 January 2021
Kingdom of Valour
Founded: 03 June 2008
Elemental Light
Founded: 13 August 2006
The Crystal Weavers
Founded: 13 April 2009
House Cheshire
Founded: 23 February 2008
Prophets of Chaos
Founded: 29 August 2006
Ad Libertatem
Founded: 05 August 2011
The Warriors
Founded: 20 January 2006
Bounty Hunters
Founded: 20 June 2007
Game Master
Founded: 05 August 2005