PlaneShift - Dermorians

Physical Traits

Body: Harmonious body, with a smooth amber-colored or copper-colored skin. Their build is thin but more robust than the lemur.
Height: Dermorians are as small as the Nolthrir from 1.50m to 1.65m.
Eyes: Due to the hard times in the Stone Labyrinths, they have developed particularly good night-vision. The most common colors for a Dermorian's eyes are light blue, steel grey, goldish, light brown and not the least forest green.
Hair: Their hair color ranges from brown to red, though never black and rarely blond. Their hair strands are more fine than the Nolthrir's thick hair and the length tends to vary from shoulder-length to middle back.
Age: Elves are the longest-lived of all the species at two hundred years.
Starting stats: Strength 45, Endurance 42, Agility 55, Intelligence 65, Will 93, Charisma 50.

Social Structure and Organization

Considering their long span of life, Dermorians believe in honoring elders and have oral traditions for the preservation of knowledge and memories. Their society is organized into many layers based on age, with a culture of memory and storytelling. Every 20 years each Dermorian will normally nominate a younger elf to receive some of their knowledge, being either in oral or manuscript form. When this happens a new strong social bond is formed between the two. Usually the chosen Dermorian is a friend and not a relative, so their society is in constant evolution. Dermorians prefer to have a council of elders to rule their cities/villages and not a single person. If a single Dermorian has to be chosen, then they will use a council of sages to help with every decision.


After Xiosia revealed herself (510 AY) most Dermorians converted to her beliefs, as she is the God of Nature. A few kept following Talad and some Laanx even fewer turned to Dakkru, but her beliefs are far from the heart of a typical Dermorian.


A standard diet for the Dermorians will contain a high amount of vegetables. Some things a Dermorian might enjoy: Joopiner Juice, Ba Nuts, Tinga Sweets.

Abilities and fields of interest

Mastery of the hunt: Long range hunting tactics; they are superb bowmen and excellent strategists and planners.

Expert Farmers: Thanks to the rich soil of their homeworld, they have developed deep knowledge and skills in farming and cultivating plants.

Respect of nature: Demorians strive to find balance in nature, returning what they take.


Tools and Clothes

To be added.


Homeworld name: Dermoria

Description of Home World: Dermoria is a rich and fertile land. In its prime, large plains merged into lush forests which towered over deep bodies of water. The two ecosystems merged and flourished, one based on the sunny plains, the other based on the darker forests and wet lands that tied into the watery terrain. These ecosystems worked in a symbiotic relationship due to the efforts of the elves that tended the balance evolving into two different races that worked together to obtain and facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship.

Social structure and organization: They were nomadic, following the migration of herd animals. Old tribes structure: hunters traveled to gather food, while people with children, the infirm and elderly stayed at small homesteads, growing food.

Reason for Leaving Home World: The Dermorians were a nomadic people, constantly exploring new regions in search of game or edible plant life, and it seemed to them that in each new place nature had provided all that they needed to thrive. Dermorian spirituality became centered on the idea of 'nature as god', and they came to trust that the natural world would always provide for them. Tragically, after a few seasons of unusually dry weather some Dermorians noticed black ash swirling through the air and along the ground, even swirling around the trees of the forest. Eventually a great fire broke out, fueled by the dead, dry undergrowth. The fire quickly spread across the plains, and even in the normally lush forests the fires leapt from treetop to treetop faster than the Dermorians could flee. The death toll was terrible, and much of their villages and farms were destroyed beyond recovery. Suddenly distrustful of nature, some of the Dermorians began to build a new city of stone and metal, ruled by a leader with no love of a natural world that had betrayed them. These people turned to dark magics that drew power from the destruction of vegetation, leaving the plants shriveled and dead. They became known as Witherers. As the Witherers’ power grew, the Dermorians who had not lost their faith in nature began to fear for their existence, so they created a beautiful garden around one of the oldest trees in the forest. They prayed to nature, asking for some sign that nature itself had not abandoned them. Months later they received a response, as a portal appeared in the ancient tree where two of the mighty branches crossed. Seeing this as a clear response to their prayers, the Dermorians decided to pass through.

Race history in Yliakum

  • Portal Location: Stone Labyrinths between Klyros and dwarves.
  • 320 AY - Arrival in Stone Labyrinths The Dermorians arrived via a portal into the Stone Labyrinths.
  • 320 AY - Laanx met the fugitives and led Arentasl Farfinder far deeper into the Labyrinths into a cave full of water and game. The Dermorians were enthralled with this new place and spent much time setting up a base camp, a step away from their nomadic living.
  • 321 AY - They established a permanent village called Ilith Thalasind. The cave itself was illuminated by a glowing bluish green fungus and the ground was covered in a heavy moss that their seeds grew well in, and their cattle seemed to thrive on. The current leader was Arentasl Farfinder.
  • 329 AY - New Race Sighted. A Dermorian scout encountered a winged race in the Labyrinths (Klyros).
  • 332 AY - Final structure built in Ilith Thalasind, city was completed.
  • 335 AY - New Race Sighted. A StoneHammer hunting party finds Ilith Thalasind (Dermorian city in the labyrinths). Some Dermorians traveled to Yliakum with the StoneHammers.
  • 345 AY - A Dark, evil fog encroached on Ilith Thalasind, the Dermorians fled to finally arrive in Yliakum.
  • 346 AY - After the darkness took over the Labyrinths, Quintherion, the city of Dermorians was built in the great Forest, sector H.
  • 349 AY - Lerivia Smear was born (see Ynnwn history), she was the first Ynnwn. Daughter of a Dermorian father and a Diaboli mother.
  • 429 AY - Caihon Xyre (Diaboli) contacted Lorameen Davvinee (future father of Iris) to establish an alliance against the Octarchy. Lorameen was not convinced, but wanted to help the Diaboli. (see Diaboli history)
  • 30 AY - An epic battle happened between Octarch guards and Diaboli, the Dermorians supported the Diaboli with some forces. The battle was won by the Octarchy.
  • 50-500 AY - The bond between Dermorians and Diaboli became stronger, more Ynnwn were born.
  • 480 AY - Washarre Mor hideout was established (see history of magic) by the races who were not yet officially in the Octarchy: Dermorians, Ynnwn and Diaboli.
  • 510 AY - Hifalar Zhaiad (see Ylian history) became old and needed a replacement, he had no children. A pretty, influential Dermorian, Iris Davvinee (child of Lorameen) took the lead and proposed herself as a leader assuring she could bring the Diaboli to reason. She was accepted and was the new Octarch. This marked the addition of the Dermorians, Diaboli and Ynnwn to the Octarchy.
  • 510 AY - Xiosia revealed itself to Iris Davvinee, she shared the discovery with Hydlaa citizens and other Dermorians. Xiosia religion began.
  • 515 AY - The Xiosia secret garden was built in Hydlaa.
  • 549 AY - Discovery of Washarre Mor.
  • 550 AY - Iris Davvinee proclaimed the use of magic as Heresy to protect the people of Yliakum.
  • 570 AY - Iris Davvinee visited the Vault of Ages, she managed to gain entrance.
  • 600 AY - Iris Davvinee was assassinated during a celebration for the 600th anniversary of Yliakum with a scenic act due to a few wizards who proclaimed that standing against magic was only producing wars.
  • 610-750 AY - TO BE DEFINED.

Significant Person Tracking
  • Arentasl Farfinder (215 AY - 386 AY)- The leader of the party that was guided by Laanx to the cave where Ilith Thalasind was founded.
  • Lorameen Davvinee (403 AY - 588 AY) - Father of Iris, contacted by Caihon Xyre (Diabolo) to establish an alliance against the Octarchy. They fought together against the Octarchy.
  • Iris Davvinee (485 AY - 600 AY)- Second Octarch of the first level.
Special Places
  • Main City : Quintherion, Level 1 sector H in the Great Forest.
  • In Hydlaa the Secret garden was designed and built by the Dermorians. The Dermorians built a pool around a natural spring, developing a place where people could relax and feel close to nature. A common theme and general way of living for Dermorians. Many theorists say the spring has some kind of magical power and many wonder what effect it has and what the source of its power might be.

    The walls are extraordinary, like a magical camouflage. They were built so Dermorians could keep an eye on people around the garden or prepare for battle, but no one could look back through. They discovered the magic to allow them to create this while scouring through the Stone Labyrinths.