PlaneShift - Ylians

Physical Traits

Body: Their robust and well-proportioned body allows them the opportunity to work in all facets of every day life. Their skin ranges from pale to brown. They have thick hair on their head and depending on individual tastes sometimes also have beards and mustaches, those these are rarely as elaborate as the StoneHammer's. Their bodies allow for a range of different builds, from thick and powerful to thin and lean, this tends to be determined by the profession of individual Ylians.
Height: They are on average between 1.60 m to 1.85 m tall.
Eyes: Their eye color can be blue, brown, black or green.
Hair: Their hair color can be black, brown, blonde or red.
Age: They live about 70 years.
Starting stats: Strength 60, Endurance 55, Agility 64, Intelligence 58, Will 58, Charisma 55.

Social Structure and Organization

The Ylians believe they were the first men to see the Blue Sun. They took the name Ylian, from an ancient etching, to celebrate the beginning of their new life. The tightly packed and heavily populated homeworld of Ylians, Ghinnori, forced them to be able to develop friendly relations with their neighbors. Thanks to this ability they are often first to take up political and diplomatic roles.
The Ylians moved here in response to a calamity in their old homeland. During the long time spent in the Stone Labyrinths many people died from the pure danger of the place. The survivors had many different skills. Many people were needed in vital trades and crafts. In order to survive, many people adapted to learn other necessary trades. Since then Ylians have embraced adaptation and compromise therefore they are very versatile.
Even today, Ylians might change professions two or three times during their lifetimes to adapt to the changing needs of their society.
No man or woman is considered an adult until they wed another. This usually happens in their late teens. The new couple will move out of their family's homes and start a new family. Marriages are lifelong and divorce is heavily frowned upon.


The Ylian's natural friendliness was at first subverted thanks to the manner of their arrival and it's similarity to passages in their religious text, The Tome of Woes and Joy. In the prophecy described in the book, Yliakum was by rights theirs, bestowed by the gods and to be shared with others only as they saw fit. This caused friction between Ylians and the other races, most notably the Enkidukai. After the fall of Ylon Dynari, Talad's intervention in the Enkidukai/Ylian War, and their move to Hydlaa, the Ylian's turned towards Talad. The Tome was largely abandoned, and with it a major portion of the Ylian's sense of ownership of Yliakum. For the most part, the Ylians gradually abandoned the Tome of Woes and Joy, since no written copies survived the journey from Ghinnori and its prophecies ended with the discovery of Yliakum. The Ylians naturally turned to worshiping Talad, the first god they met after exiting the portal, but given their eclectic nature, they developed affinity towards all other gods.


They have no preferences on meals. Ylians eat meat, vegetables, fishes, etc. Due to the final disaster that struck them while in Ghinnori, a good many Ylians avoid dishes that contain fungus of any sort. While this prejudice may fade in time, it is still prevalent at the time this is being written. Other than this exception, Ylians are not at all picky about food. Some believe this stems from their trials in Ghinnori, when food was scarce and anything that provided nourishment was welcome.

Abilities and fields of interest

Discipline: Ylians are a practical and disciplined race filled with fighters, sorcerers, merchants and politicians. They tend to learn a little of everything without choosing a preferred profession. The Ylians have an excellent sense of self-control and discipline. These traits were possibly enhanced by their trials in Ghinnori, the last one most of all. To be stripped of ones sense and go careening into a new world without a conscious decision to do so might well make one crave structure that much more.

Teachers: After they abandoned the Tome, their natural leadership skills were soon turned to various branches of government instead of being used as a tool of subjugation. Ylians are also known as excellent teachers of crafts and skills, using their gregarious nature to encourage their pupils onward.

Land men: Since Ghinnori had only one landmass, and its sea was quite small, there are few Ylians who take up seafaring.


Tools and Clothes


Homeworld name: Ghinnori

Description of Home World: Ghinnori was a moonless world, its surface comprised of one large landmass with a small sea at the northern pole. The climate varied greatly. The north was temperate, the central regions contained broad swaths of forest, and the southern quarter was too cold for most life. Since wood was so plentiful, most Ylian structures were made from it, from houses to walls to fences. Daily loads came from bustling logging towns in the central regions to fill the need. The Ylians' greatest crop was grisil, a pale green grain whose kernels were used for bread and whose stalks were used for vessels of all kinds. The northern regions contained plentiful game darting about the hills and shrub lands. A myriad of small streams in the north and central regions provided fish. Fruits and vegetables were grown in small quantities as a treat for the middle and upper classes, since they were seen as taking field space away from the all-important grisil.

Social structure and organization: No notable differences from the one in Yliakum, see above.

Reason for Leaving Home World: When the Ylians still lived in Ghinnori, their main spiritual guide was the Desert Prophecy, a text of prophecy written on the stone by the Gods themselves. It was present in an holy part of the planet, a large desert dedicated to the gods. Only pilgrimages were admitted in the desert and none could establish a home there. The desert was very special in its own way because you could find many unique rocks, writings and remains left by the gods. It was in constant evolution, and at every big event in the Ylian society, people were going to see if the gods left a message for them. Around 270 AY The Desert Prophecy, in constant evolution started to speak about the near future and the hardships that the Ylians would endure in Ghinnori, and the Abundant Realm that would be revealed to them after their trials.

Three tests were layed out by the gods on the Ylians:

  • 298 AY - The First Test: the search for an unknown relic in the bowels of the earth, which ended with the finding of the Great Turquoise of Ghinorri, a magical stone with divination powers.
  • 303 AY - The Second Test: a large sandstorm, which destroyed many of their houses, which the Ylians managed to avoid only thanks to the Great Turquoise of Ghinorri visions.
  • 305 AY - The Third Test: the grisil that grew had a toxin carried by a fungus, which claimed many victims. They had to study hard for months for a possible cure, and many became wondrous healers.

After these tests they visited the holy desert, where the Ylians sought messages from their gods. The oases that the seekers depended upon for survival were changed. Hot winds wandered the desert, bringing in black ashes that covered the rocks upon which the prophecies were written, scouring away the messages underneath. The waters of the oases grew ever darker and more viscous, their surfaces covered with the black ash. Sour gasses bubbled up from below, and those foolish enough to drink of the water claimed it was no longer water at all. But a glowing magical portal was standing there. This was the final sign that convinced the Ylians that the time had come for them to leave. They started to understand the gods have chosen them for some higher role in the history of their world and decided to to pass through the portal.

Race history in Yliakum
  • Portal Location in Yliakum: Stone Labyrinths
  • Arrival Time in Stone Labyrinths: 305 AY
  • 306 AY - They found a tunnel to Yliakum
  • 306 AY - Ylian were greeted by Talad and took the race name Ylian. They thought their prophecy had ended and they considered Yliakum as their land.
  • 308 AY - Founding of Ylon Dynari, in level 1 sector B, relatively close to Ojaveda.
  • 308 AY - They also settled in Hydlaa and started to build new houses. They were the first to speak about a real government and to organize the city into a common place for everyone to live.
  • 320 AY - The first leader was nominated by the Ylian in Hydlaa: Pantel Firgal, he assumed control of the city.
  • 322 AY - A council was created to discuss the main matters, it included 1 Kran, 1 Lemur and Firgal.
  • 325 AY - Ylon Dynari became more fortified and the Pantel spoke to the Enkidukai saying he was the ruler of Yliakum.
  • 326 AY - One of the guards, a child of Firgal was killed in a revolt lead by Enkidukai, during a speech by Firgal to the Enkidukai. Firgal declared war on the Enkidukai.
  • 331 AY - Ylon Donari and Hydlaa were attacked. Kran and Lemur joined the war, still not convinced on the side to take. Different groups split to join each side.
  • 335 AY - Talad intervened and helped end the war, his reasons still remain a legend and not fully clear. Destruction of Ylon Dynari, with major losses from Enkidukai. Enkidukai requested Ylon Dynari and surrounding areas to be abandoned by the Ylian, Pantel requested Enkidukai become part of the council and live in peace under its guide. The pact is made. The war ends. Migration of remaining Ylians to Hydlaa. The city expanded.
  • 370 AY - Pantel Firgal died, and left his position to one of the council (Tutr Gholuk), with the promise his child Iaen would rule when adult. This strengthened the alliance between Gugrontid and Hydlaa, Kran and Ylians.
  • 385 AY - Iaen Firgal was the new ruler of Hydlaa.
  • 402 AY - Truvar Zhaiad was born (future ruler of Hydlaa and first Octarch) and found nearly dead by the Enkidukai on the road to Ojaveda. They accepted him as part of the city.
  • 409 AY - The fort that the HammerWielders would later convert into the Battle College was built. It was abandoned a few years into the war to move troops to a more vital area.
  • 428 AY - Iaen Firgal (current hydlaa leader) decided that the future of the races was to stay united under a common leader, and he allowed his daughter (Melria Firgal) to marry Truvar Zhaiad and have him step up as new leader and first Octarch. This officially marked the Enkidukai becoming part of the Octarchy.
  • 442 AY - Truvar created the "Edict of One Language" to spread a common language amongst the races. The adoption will take about 100 years.
  • 465 AY - Truvar Zhaiad died and left the Octarch position to his child, Hifalar Zhaiad.
  • 510 AY - Hifalar Zhaiad became old and needed a replacement, he had no children. Diaboli thought it was the right time to step up and have their leader as an Octarch. None of the races supported that, but at the same time they don't want an endless fight with Diaboli. A pretty influential Dermorian, Iris Davvinee took the lead and proposed herself as a leader ensuring she can bring the Diaboli to reason.
  • 600 AY - Iris Davvinee was assassinated during a celebration for the 600th year of the beginning of Yliakum with a scenic act due to a few wizards proclaiming that standing against magic was only producing internal fights.
  • 601 AY - A temporary council to manage the city was created, hosted by the guards Captain, Jerard DuLaren (Ylian).
  • 603 AY - Master of the Ways came to Hydlaa to put an end to the chaos. Fallen Tower (see History of Magic).
  • 603 AY late - Burtan Ironboot laid siege to Hydlaa with a large army and asked the current temporary government to join forces and elect him as Octarch.
  • 626 AY - Burthan was imprisoned and Temostes Salikarios was his successor. The Salikarios family established itself as the new Octarch rulers for the next 150 years (at least).
  • 631 AY - Temostes Salikarios brought the Klyros into the Octarchy (see Klyros history).
  • 664 AY - The daughter of Temostes, Geraldine Salikarios was elected new Octarch.
  • 703 AY - The child of Geraldine, Helias Salikarios was elected new Octarch.
  • 742 AY - The child of Helias, Iragdun Salikarios was elected new Octarch.(Ylian)

Significant Person Tracking
  • Pantel Firgal : First ruler of Hydlaa. Led the Ylian-Enkidukai war. Became the first ruler of Hydlaa. 320 AY
  • Iaen Firgal : Child of Pantel, third ruler of Hydlaa 385 AY
  • Truvar Zhaiad : First Octarch, he brought Lemur, Kran, Ylian and Enkidukai together under a common structure, 428 AY
  • Jerard DuLaren : Captain of the guards, temporary ruler of Hydlaa in 601-602 AY
  • Salikarios family as Octarchs.
  • Harnquist : The most skilled and famous Blacksmith in Hydlaa in recent times.
Special Places
  • Main City : Hydlaa, Level 1 sector A.
  • Ylon Dynari: old fortified city destroyed in the Ylian-Enki war.