PlaneShift - Ynnwn

Physical Traits

Body: The Ynnwn race is a crossing between a Diaboli and a Dermorian. Two such opposite characters generated a type of giant, never shorter than two meters, with dark red skin. Ynnwn have pointed ears and white hair. Sometimes they grow horns. In rare cases a Ynnwn will have a tail.
Height: They are from 2.00 m to 2.30 m tall.
Eyes: Black, Green or Blue. They possess nightvision.
Hair: Light Brown, White or Light red
Age: They live about 130 years.
Starting stats: Strength 80, Endurance 92, Agility 40, Intelligence 48, Will 45, Charasma 45

Social Structure and Organization

Contrary to what people may think, the Ynnwn don't feel diminished by their half-breed status and they face life with a positive attitude. Ynnwn have no racial bonds, they think of themselves as a part of the society of Yliakum, although they tend to associate with Diaboli and Elves, likely due their similarities with each of them. Despite the early years when the Diaboli had many fights with the Octarchy, they are now deeply loyal to it, as they see how this can avoid wars and killings. The Ynnwn society is one of the newest being only 400 years old. They slowly moved away from the traditions of their ancestors and managed to create their own way of thinking and living. In some cases certain old traditions are completely outlawed. They have a strong sense of family as a reaction to the dissolute way of living of the Diaboli and they prefer to live in big cities in contrast with the Dermorians.


Ynnwn follow no specific religion, as they have had a wide and varying education. Xiosia is still strong, as their early ancestors followed her. However, as Ynnwn spread all over Yliakum they have adopted the various religions they are exposed to.


Due to their size Ynnwn require a large quantity of food everyday. They are not concerned too much with the quality, just the quantity. They prefer red meat, vegetables and fish. These preferences are a remnant of their ancestors, the Diaboli and the Dermorians.


to be defined.

Abilities and fields of interest

Precious Metals: Their unusual blood gives them a harmful sensitivity to precious metals. They will avoid the use of gold, silver or platinum coins and items: contact with such metals provokes a skin rash. The wounds that they suffer from weapons plated with these metals are very painful, slow to heal and sometimes lethal. They instead tolerate the orichalc, although they prefer not to handle it too long because of the percentage of gold it contains.


Tools and Clothes

To be defined.


Yliakum. They were first born here. They see the homeworlds of Dermorians and Diaboli as their homeworlds.

Race history in Yliakum

  • For Ynnwn ancestral history See Dermorian/Diaboli histories.
  • The Ynnwn were educated and raised by their parents, so the histories of the Ynnwn and their parents histories are the same. This continued until enough of them were born to form their own mixed culture mid-400AY.
  • 348 AY - The Diaboli settled at the edge of the jungle on the first level. They called their settlement Biranmia. This will allow the Diaboli and Dermorians to mix their cultures and allow for the emergence of the Ynnwns.
  • 349 AY - Lerivia Smare, daughter of a Dermorian father and a Diaboli mother was born. She was the first Ynnwn born in Yliakum. She lived with her mother until her mother was killed by Enkidukai during her travels.
  • 361 AY - In her youth she felt special, but unavoidably also an outsider. She was scared on her forehead from exposure to a golden jewel, her friends thought she was cursed by the gods.
  • 369 AY - A total of about 1000 Ynnwn were born in the last 20 years. Lerivia Smare reached maturity and traveled through out Yliakum. Lerivia decided to find and gather all of her brother Ynnwn and she dedicated two years to finding and convincing the other Ynnwn they were an independent race, deserving a place in Yliakum.
  • 370 AY - A new small village was founded in sector H of the first level 1, named Listarindel, from the name of her mother. She took leadership of the village and more Ynnwns joined her.
  • 380 AY - She became a very good alchemist and knew everything about potions, her experiments brought her visions. She doesn't worship any of the gods. She founded the first Alchemical Academy within Listarindel, all races were welcome to join and be part of it.
  • 429 AY - Lerivia learned about the problems of Caihon and Hydlaa, she saw that as a bad event.
  • 430 AY - Lerivia died in the trials of reuniting the Diaboli with the rest of the races in an epic battle where she stood unharmed in the middle of the battle ground between a mass of Octarchy guards and the Diaboli. She was killed by Caihon. The battle was won by the Octarchy.
  • 450-500 AY - The bond between Dermorians and Diaboli became stronger, more Ynnwn were born.
  • 480 AY - Washarre Mor hideout was founded (see history of magic) by the races who were not yet officially in the Octarchy: Dermorians, Ynnwn and Diaboli.
  • 532 AY - Diaboli started to think about leaving Yliakum for the Death Realm
  • 536 AY - More Diaboli killed themselves and founded a city in the Death Realm to become "immortals".
  • 580 AY - No more Diaboli were found in Yliakum.
  • 630 AY - Ghethos Immari decided to become the most famous Pterosaur rider, he started to do races and fights on Pterosaurs (martial, without blood).
  • 635 AY - Ghethos won the games in Hydlaa Arena and gained the respect of the Octarch.
  • 638 AY - Ghethos became very popular also in Hydlaa, and he decided to start building a Pterosaur Arena, the project wss approved by the Octarch (Temostes)
  • 640 AY - The Pterosaur Arena was completed.
  • 650-750 AY - TO BE DEFINED.

Significant Person Tracking
  • Lerivia Smare: First of the Ynnwn. Their leader who tried to reunite the Ynnwn with the rest of the races but was killed in a battle with the Octarch.
  • Ghethos Immari: Founder of the Pterosaur arena.
Special Places
  • Main City: Listarindel, lev 1 sector H.
  • Biranmia: Level 1, sector H, formerly inhabitated by Diaboli, close to the forest of Dermorians. The city is still there, inhabitated by Ynnwn today.