PlaneShift - Klyros

Physical Traits

Body: The Klyros are a humanoid reptilian race with a tall, slim body. Their hands have sharp and dangerous claws. Their skin is similar to reptiles, it is not slimy as some may think, it is in fact cold and smooth, and varies from gray-green to steel dark blue. Just under their shoulders they have two big wings that appear to be weak and non-functional, but are actually fully working instead. The skeleton is thin and flexible to better facilitate flight, but also means it is easily damaged. They are oviparous (egg-laying) race. They are the only known race to have affinity with all three elements: water (they can breath underwater), air (they can fly), earth (they walk and live on ground).
Height: They range in height from 160 cm to 180 cm.
Eyes: White and drop-like eyes enable them to see in the dark.
Hair: They have an oval head decorated with a multicolored crest starting from the forehead and ends at the base of the skull that make them look like a fish.
Age: They live approximately 50 years.
Starting stats: Strength 55, Endurance 55, Agility 55, Intelligence 55, Will 65, Charisma 65.

Social Structure and Organization

Brotherhood, common mind: The Klyros believe strongly in the concept of brotherhood amongst the other members of their race. From the outside it may seem they are rude, because for example they do not introduce themselves to others. This is because they have a way (still not fully understood) of knowing all other members of their race without speaking or asking details. This seems to be related to a common mind, or a shared line of thought they have. Some external scientists described this as telepathy.

Common interests oriented society: Groups easily form and disband between Klyros who are dedicated to the same task or job, in the form of associations or groups. Some of those may become permanent and related to honor, like the Dlayos, fiercesome gladiators.

Bowing, rewards, recognition : For the Klyros, bowing is something that is done only in the face of high achievement. In general they consider recognition not to be part of daily life. A Klyros that has just achieved some personal victory will seek out water or some other reflective surface just so that they can visualize themselves and their achievement, that is considered a high recognition. Ceremonies of great importance are often conducted beside water or in their town halls, where people can see themselves, to remind all present that each one of them is entitled to personal recognition. Bowing or recognition is only offered up in return for an observable achievement, not simply status, power, or wealth.

Vlax: is an example of the nomadic hunter origins of the Klyros. Vlax was played by all adolescent Klyros, and was both a game and a test of fitness. The premise was simple enough. The adolescents formed equal-numbered teams; one team fled, the other gave chase. The problems arose when catches were made. A catch only counted when you pinned someone by the wings while in mid-glide, covered their gill slits to prevent breathing while in water, or forced their belly to touch dirt if you were on land. Torn wings, bruised gills, and broken bones were common, Sadly enough, fatal falls, drowning, and death from internal bleeding were only slightly less common. The Klyros grieved for these losses, but reminded the young ones that this was how the world worked; weak fall to the strong, and while a team may have a common goal, it is the individuals in that team that actually secure the victory.

They have a talent for fishing deep-water fishes and small underwater monsters that are used to create very peculiar Klyros garments and light armors. They are interested in decorative arts and magic, using those mainly for practical purposes.

Most of their children are taught in a common school till the age of six, then they move to higher school till they are old enough to make decisions, usually to the age of ten in the Klyros culture. These children are taught simple magics, how to survive should they need to on their own, and how to think. Their greatest asset other than the water breathing and the flight is their minds and cunning. Considering their short lifespan, after the age of 10 the Klyros are considered adults and they can pursue their own life.


As is already known from the interaction between Laanx and the first Klyros who arrived through the portal, Klyros are not swayed in their choice of deity by persuasion, gifts, threats, displays of power or violence. They believe they are at the center of the universe and gods are lesser beings. In Yliakum they learned much about the gods and some of them are more open to religion. Thanks to this strong streak of independence, each Klyros chooses his or her own god, based on what deeds a god has accomplished, and what relative weight the individual Klyros gives those deeds. They tend not to share this information easily.


Being great fish hunters they tend to eat a lot of fish and shellfish. They are famous for cooking crabs in thousands of ways. The Klyros do occasionally eat red meat, but more to their liking is the seaweed grown by their close neighbors the Nolthrir. They consume small portions of it after the evening meal both as a dessert and a digestive aid, "move the meal forward", they say. However, it is quite heavy and rich for a Klyros stomach, so too much tends to make them a bit sick.


They usually have the following letters in their names: k kk y x xx ll aa ee r

Abilities and fields of interest

Three Elements: Thanks to their body structure, the Klyros are fast in all three elements: air, water and earth.

Fly: They can fly for short distances

Breath underwater: They can breath underwater

No Heavy armor: Due to their nature they don't like to wear heavy armor


Tools and Clothes


Homeworld name: Askellia

Description of Home World: The Klyros home world was comprised of vast, deep seas, broken up only by the occasional small, rocky land mass. The seas teemed with all manner of life. The land, in contrast, was sparsely populated. Terrestrial creatures developed, but died off quickly, since they soon exhausted the meagre vegetation that grew in the steep valleys between the crags that dominated the small isles. Only winged creatures, who had the ability to soar from island to island to forage, found any sort of success above water. They flew into the almost-constant storms of this watery world to hunt for sustenance. So it was with the Klyros.

Social structure and organization:In their old world, the Klyros were nomads, but also the most civilized species in their world. They considered themselves to be gods in their own right, and their racial pride allowed them to bend to none.

Reason for Leaving Home World: The hemisphere of Askellia where a large part of the Klyros lived inexplicably began to grow colder and colder. Great glaciers and icebergs formed, the seas retreated, and the life in them started to vanish. The Klyros started making plans to glean what little they could from the land, but the fierce storms that swept Askellia became great sheets of ice and snow destroying nearly every growing thing. Many had visions of black, shadowed, ghostly faces, carried by the icy winds. The soil started to break in chasms and crevices, creating fissures that dragged down houses, fishing grounds, and people. Many died or disappeared, never to be seen again. Some decided to take cover in the greater chasms while others remained on the surface, undecided between death by cold, or death by landslide. Cities became fractured, with people expanding onto smaller islands and the surrounding ice itself. The history of this proud raced looked to be at an end, until word raced across the islands that a magic portal was found in one of the deeper and larger chasms. All of the Klyros elders assembled and chose a brave hunter, Vestantid Kreeks, to fly down and enter the portal.

Race history in Yliakum

  • Portal Location in Yliakum: Stone Labyrinths
  • 326 AY - First Klyros Passed Through Portal - The first Klyros, Vestantid Kreeks, entered the portal and upon arrival in Yliakum was confronted by Laanx, Vestantid refused to acknowledge him as his god so was slain by Laanx. All Klyros Through Portal - Laanx relented and allowed the remaining Klyros through the portal untouched.
  • 329 AY - Laanx showed the Klyros the way to Yliakum.
  • 329 AY - Klyros Met Dermorians on level 1 - Klyros encountered the Dermorians while leaving the Stone Labyrinths. The meeting was brief.
  • 330 AY - Klyros decided to explore the second level of Yliakum and to settle there, they lived in separate tribes and villages.
  • 335 AY - Klyros met the StoneHammers and Nolthrir on the second level, but preferred to remain separate.
  • 336 AY - The elders of the biggest villages on the second level started to speak in secret and plan the Union of all Klyros. Five Elders gathered regularly to speak in secret, away from their people: Allyk Erxx, Korrad Yeekal, Xaar Eklyn, Yaan Rykk and Geemeen Etaarkee
  • 343 AY - Klyros found the Hall of Reflections on the second level, seemed to be able to divine the future and the past.
  • 345 AY - In the Hall of Reflections, the Klyros saw the coming of the Megaras to the city of the Nolthrir. Yaan Rykk decided to inform the Nolthrir. The city was saved. The friendship between the two races became stronger.
  • 346 AY - Allyk Erxx wanted to create an Arena for training the best Gladiators and hosting games, including Vlax.
  • 351 AY - The Arena was completed.
  • 351 AY - Allyk Erxx was the winner during the first season of the games. He was nominated as the most powerful gladiator. Honored by all Klyros. The Dlayo Gladiators history began. The descendants of the 5 Elders joined the Dlayo group.
  • 354 AY - The Union of the Klyros became a reality and the area where the arena was located became the city of Krafgart (on second level) with Allyk Erxx as ruler.
  • 365 AY - Allyk Erxx died due to old age, and left his position to Mestar Rykk (son of Yaan Rykk).
  • 371 AY - Hisell Barx was a perfect look-alike of Mestar. Thanks to divination magic he studied Mestar for about 2 years learning all his habits, speech and friends.
  • 372 AY - Hisell organized the kidnap of the ruler and substituted himself for Mestar.
  • 372-376 AY - Foul acts and lots of resource depletion and corrupt laws were approved by Hisell.
  • 377 AY - Mestar's body was discovered. Hisell was removed from his unlawful position.
  • 420 AY - Contacts between the Klyros and the Hydlaa Octarchy on the first level were made.
  • 425 AY - Octarchy Allows Union, but asked for a nomination of an Octarch for the second level, in conjunction with the StoneHammers. This was not done for quite some time.
  • 450 AY - StoneHammers and Klyros on the second level try to create common rules, but the attempt failed, the two races were too different.
  • 456 AY - Amdeneir was founded in the Dome. In this period only the part hanging to the stalactites was present, and was expanded for a few years.
  • 470 AY - Some Klyros decided to trade more with other non flying races and so they started to build the lower part of Amdeneir, on the ground.
  • 482 AY - Thanks to the Hall of Reflection and a Klyros elder informer, the StoneBreakers managed to deflect a pretty strong attack due to the Blackflame from their city. The plan was to put some of the most notable personalities one against the other through assassinations and deception. Stones agreed to having a Klyros Octarch for the Barn.
  • 482 AY - First Octarch of the Barn: Xols Etaarkee (please note that Klyros were not officially part of the Octarchy yet).
  • 495 AY - The first few Ylians moved in to Amdeneir and thus the lower quarter starts to grow.
  • 564 AY - An illness struck the Pterosaur population and Amdeneir business collapsed. An uprising was barely stopped with help from Hydlaa and Akkaio.
  • 600 AY - From the ashes of the collapsed economy rose a new and more healthy one, though it did not take long before it became as corrupt as the one before.
  • 629 AY - A new breach into Yliakum was exploited by the creatures in the Labyrinths. A massive invasion started from sector G, very close to Amdeneir. Klyros tried to fight, but without much results, part of Amdeneir was destroyed.
  • 630 AY - A brave Klyros called Llerav Dorrex was in contact with the Octarchy thanks to his noble acts in Hydlaa. He decided to use his contacts and asked for help from Temostes (current Octarch). Temostes saw the possibility to finally add the Klyros to the Octarchy and decided to help. All races gathered to help the Klyros fight the invasion, and a new Bronze Door is constructed in sector G. Amdeneir was safe for now.
  • 631 AY - Klyros officially joined the Octarchy.
  • 645 AY - The university was built and gave the city yet another aspect to sell itself. A place of elite teaching and academics quickly rose with foundations in the mercantile world. Most of those educated at the university ended up in the commerce of Amdeneir.
  • 665 AY - The Ylian uprising. The Ylians living in Amdeneir were not given the same rights as the Klyros. All political decisions were made by the Klyros and all the big Tria ended in Klyros pockets. The Ylians revolted and demanded to be treated equally. They only partly succeeded. A few Ylians were let in to the political societies, a few regulations were lifted.
  • 670 AY - Klyros elders, supported by Ylians nobles and from the government, banned the more violent games in the Arena for few years, with the intent of focusing the peoples attention on culture and studies. They exchanged it with a safer sport: the "mounted race", held every year. Without the games, the crime rate rose immediately and to stop it the government put a tax on wood and stone exports.
  • 675 AY - The bond. Merchants of Amdeneir, uneasy with the taxes imposed by government, formed an agreement with the thieves guild against the government and the guards. A few dark years followed.
  • 675-750 AY TO BE DEFINED.

Significant Person Tracking
  • Vestantid Kreeks - The first Klyros to go through the portal to Yliakum. He died by Laanx's hand, rebellious and refusing to serve him.
  • 5 Elder: Allyk Erxx, Korrad Yeekal, Xaar Eklyn, Yaan Rykk, Geemeen Etaarkee
  • Allyk Erxx : First ruler of the Union
  • Yaan Rykk: Visited the main city and warns the Nolthrir about an incoming Megaras attack.
  • Xols Etaarkee : First Octarch of the Barn
  • Llerav Dorrex: Asked for help from Temostes(current Octarch) to repel the invasion.
Special Places
  • Main City on First Level: Amdeneir, level 1 sector g
  • Main City on Second Level: Krafgart, level 2 sector b