PlaneShift - Lemur

Physical Traits

Body: The Lemurs have an appearance similar to Humans, but their origins can't be connected. They have a hypoxygenated skin, which after living in dark and subterranean places with low ventilation perspires little and is almost completely without pigment. For this reason, they have a pale and azure complexion. Until two or three months of age, their children have an almost transparent skin that reveals the underlying capillary circulation. Their body is neither very robust nor resistant. They have light hair in a variety of hues. Lemur women, graceful and ethereal creatures, are amongst the most beautiful of Yliakum: male lemurs are equally beautiful but lack in masculine features like muscle.
Height: Ranging between 1.70 and 1.85m tall.
Eyes: Light green, White or light blue.
Hair: Light green, white, light blue or silver.
Age: About one hundred years of age.
Starting stats: Strength 40, Endurance 40, Agility 50, Intelligence 85, Will 68, Charisma 67.

No model in game yet.

Social Structure and Organization

Everyone knows that the Lemurs were the first of all races to settle in Yliakum, and they are proud of it. The legends tell that the origins of the Lemurs are interconnected with a huge city located in the depths of the earth, abandoned from a widespread disease. No one knows how to reach this city or if anyone still lives there. All lemurs share a sense of loss for their mysterious, distant homeland. Their social structure is based on schools, academies, universities and guilds. They love science and magic, and they organize all their life around it. Social status is achieved based on knowledge gained, discoveries or new research. They like design, architecture and beauty in all its forms, but they are a bit reluctant to create the structures themselves, so they love to ask for help from other races like the StoneHammers to build what they invent. They have a natural repulsion of wars, fights, arenas and the like. You will rarely find a Lemur gladiator. Despite this "high class" style of living they are friendly and open with all other races and like to cheer and stay with other people.


Throughout their history Lemurs have always followed Laanx and Talad, and then later Blackflame (but those Lemur think they are still following Laanx). Reasoning for the first, Laanx created the Lemur for herself and Talad.


Lemurs love luxury and special food and are sometimes excellent cooks. They refuse to eat in normal taverns and such because the food is too "raw" there. Rare fishes and mixtures made of rare animals found in Stone Labyrinths are everyday meals.


They like longer names which are beautiful sounding and can be written in harmonious flowing shapes.

Abilities and fields of interest

Intellect: They have a clever intellect, superior when compared to the other races. The Lemurs are brilliant artist, innate aesthete and researchers of beauty in all its forms.

Science: Education, science, and study are very important to the Lemur, even in religion and magic, since they see both as extensions of science.

Rare spices: Lemurs are the number one market for rare spices found in the overgrown jungle sector, they have deep knowledge of all rare spices and they know how to cultivate and use them more and better than any others in Yliakum.


Tools and Clothes

Lemurs are very fine tailors and are always dressed in elegant clothes. They tend to avoid raw materials, but use silk and finely crafted tissues instead. If they don't have enough money to afford those clothes, then they prefer to dress simply with a long tunic or in pastel colors.


They were created in Yliakum by Laanx, no other homeworld.

Race history in Yliakum

  • 1 AY - The Lemur were created by Laanx.
  • 10 AY - Laanx became scarred, and wandered the land of Yliakum for a few days before going into the Labyrinth. A great many Lemur followed Laanx into the Stone Labyrinths (for them see 200 AY). Perhaps as many as half of all the Lemur, the others remained in Yliakum. The Lemur that chose to stay with Talad witnessed the full creation of the Kran and their rise from the earth by Talad's will. The chaotic magic that disfigured Laanx also seemed to run amok in the creation of the Kran. The Lemur, now mostly deaf, were still unsettled and confused by what had happened so they were suspicious of the Kran, and avoided them at first. A leader emerged from the group of Kran worked not only with the Kran, but with the Lemur, struggling to build a friendship between the very different races. The Kran, dealing with vibrations, had no problems learning to communicate the Lemurs. Most of the buildings the Lemur had built had collapsed due to the powerful surge from Talad's spell, so the Lemurs and the Kran built a small village, just large enough to be functional, as both races where still finding their way. Talad refused to touch magic for years after the mistake, so all the work was done by the people.
  • 11 AY - Lemur and Kran established the small village of Tiroth. The Lemur watched the Kran, observing and helping where possible. Near the end of the year they grew confused when the Kran leader headed off in search of Laanx. Some Lemur wished to go with him, but he insisted that it was something that he must do alone and he would bring back news (this refers to Konroran).
  • 12 AY Konroran left in search of Laanx. After the Kran leader failed to return, the Lemur grew tense as did the Kran. A new leader stepped up for the Kran and things resumed their normal routine of a peaceful coexistence (refers to Aedaisti Beaut).
  • 14 AY - The Kran decided to go in search of a place they could call their own. The Lemur, understanding the drive behind the search, wished their friends well and remained behind in Tiroth. Other small nameless villages and farms began spreading out in the lands. At first the Lemur felt the loss of the Kran but they adjusted quickly. They worked on expanding their main village and learning more about their surrounding area. Content to live in the God's shadow before, they were hit with a new desire to explore and gain knowledge.
  • 30 AY - The Lemur established a second large village primarily composed of hunters in search of new game, and started to spread out into many farms.
  • 72 AY - The Lemur villages continued to flourish and they received word, in the form of an invitation, that the Kran in Gugrontid were ready to receive their first visitors. The First Lemur caravan arrived at Gugrontid. Trade flourished between the Lemur and Kran villages and things progressed peacefully over the years. The Lemur population grew as new Lemur were born.
  • 110 AY - The Emeral Lake and the Vault of Ages were discovered by the Lemurs. The Vault looked old and to predate the Lemur, maybe created by the Gods. They were not able to enter, despite trying.
  • 200 AY - The Lemur who followed Laanx through the Stone Labyrinths arrived at the site that became Kadaikos after years of wandering the Stone Labyrinths.
  • 226 AY - Hetsan was founded by Lemur and Kran, located close to rich mines.
  • 254 AY - The village of Arden was created by Lemurs, around the vault of ages. They started to guard it more.
  • 280 AY - Tiroth was now called Hydlaa. From the main history: "Talad gave up any hope to be reconciled with the old friend and, now alone, turned his thoughts to the people left in the town they had created. He called it "Hydlaa", the name of the most powerful glyph, that Vodùl had revealed to Laanx and that led Talad to ignore prudence to satisfy his pride."
  • 295 AY - Arden became a city. More guards were introduced around the Vault of Ages, access was limited to only those approved by the priests of Talad.
  • 305 AY - Talad spoke to the Lemur of Yliakum, telling them they must prepare. Saying that new people (races) will be coming soon. The Lemur choose to prepare Hydlaa, the strongest of their villages for the arrival of these newcomers as it was the closet to Gugrontid and centralized resources.
  • 306 AY - The Lemur in Hydlaa met new races - Ylian and Enkidukai first.
  • 307 AY - Laanx returned to Yliakum. - When Laanx left, the Lemur had a great debate. Some claim that it was a sign, and it was their time to return to the their home of legend. Others thought it was a test, and they should stay in Kadaikos. The debate nearly broke out in open fighting. The Lemur split, some leaving to search for Laanx, others staying. The Lemur who didn't really care one way or the other, or were lazy stayed in Kadaikos as well. A few weeks after those following Laanx leave, the Blackflame appeared.The Lemur that stay behind fell to the sway of the Blackflame, believing it to be the power of Laanx, and a promise to return. Laanx does not return to Kadaikos.
  • 310 AY - Hydlaa Lemur met Diaboli. The meeting did not go well, as the Lemur lived a more sophisticated lifestyle.
  • 312 AY - The Lemur that chose to leave Kadaikos created a village in the Labyrinths called Xant Laan. They used this as a base to search for Laanx.
  • 324 AY - The StoneHammers met the Lemur in the Stone Labyrinths on the gorge, each race on one side. StoneHammers began to build a bridge spanning the gorge.
  • 326 AY - Pantel Firgal (Ylian) declared war to the Enkidukai.
  • 329 AY - The bridge was finished, allowing an army of 500 HammerWielders to cross. They met the Lemur and explained to them the existence of Hydlaa. Some traveled there. In Hydlaa, they met the other Lemurs who still worshiped Talad and Laanx in the old way, even to the point of referring to Laanx as 'She'. The Yliakum Lemurs refused to change their way of worship. This was overwhelming, frustrating, or revolting to most of the Kadaikos Lemur so they returned to Xant Laan and their 'True' following of Laanx. A few however did stay behind in Yliakum to continue to try to spread the true word of Laanx.
  • 330 AY - Lemur met Klyros in Hydlaa. The Klyros didn't talk to the Lemur, just walking past them as if the Lemur were nothing more than common trees or stones. It was not meant to be in any way rude. More like the Lemur were not of any interest at all. The Lemur saw them as a very prideful, if not an odd race.
  • 335 AY - Destruction of Ylon Dynari, the Ylian-Enkidukai war ended.
  • 350 AY - Hydlaa continued to flourish, growing, and trading with the surrounding villages and served as a beacon for the newer races.
  • 365 AY - Shindrok was born in the small Lemur village Xant Laan in the caves. Laanx following was weak at best in Yliakum at this point. Magic was already heavily studied at the time of his birth, and he took to magic as a fish to water as he grew.
  • 370 AY - Lemur met the Dermorians.
  • 375 AY - Galeran Tarbius was born in Xant Laan. Shindrok was about ten, and a brilliant student. By the time he was 16, he surpassed all of his teachers and became an Adept in the pure magic facet of Majiak Ciencit. He began to question the powers of the gods themselves, but only silently to himself, and quickly rose to the top ranks of the religion.
  • 385 AY - Galeran became Shindrok's pupil at age ten. Galeran showed great promise, and Shindrok took a personal interest in him.
  • 391 AY - At age 26, Shindrok discovered something about the glyphs that causes him to reject Laanx and move to Yliakum to join the ranks of Talad to learn more, though he was not a true follower. He tried to take Galeran (age 16) with him, but the younger man refused. Shindrok leaft in anger, and many Lemur followed. His thirst for knowledge consumed him. He rose quickly in the ranks of the priests of Talad as well, gaining access to even their most secret documents by age 33 (398AY).
  • 393 AY - Shindrok visited the Vault of Ages and was able to enter. He stayed there for few weeks.
  • 395 AY - Shindrok's plans for the Observatorium were complete, and work began. He studied the mutating powers of the crystal, and managed to capture energy from it for his experiments. Many people were beginning to avoid him, calling his theories mad. He had powerful support in the regional governments, though, and no one calls him down openly.
  • 400 AY - Shindrok was commanded to stop all of his studies and experiments, after a few people were killed, including his wife. He refused to do as told and was excommunicated and banished, along with his followers. They vanished into the Labyrinth.
  • 410 AY late- Laanx gave the Book of Names to Galeran in the Stone Labyrinth Lemur city, and the final incarnation of the Laanx religion was born. Galeran was empowered by Laanx.
  • 415 AY - Galeran returned to Yliakum bringing the true word of Laanx.
  • 416 AY - The foundations were started for the Iron Temple of Laanx.
  • 440 AY - Laanx's Iron Temple was completed. Laanx took Galeran Tarbius' life.
  • 450 AY - Lemurs together with the Ylians began construction of the City of Stars on the fourth level.
  • 460 AY - The Academy of Wizardry was started on the fourth level by the Lemurs, Ylians joined soon after completion.
  • 470 AY - Communication grew between Hydlaa and the fourth level city, a new first Octarch is nominated, Ferrgli Destomatili, Lemur.
  • 485 AY - The Observatorium started to be used again, with the help of one of the Vigesimi. It's supposedly used to study the surface of the cave, but also the Crystal.
  • 490 AY - The theory of the existence of a surface made its way into the more academic people after the studies of the crystal.
  • 503 AY - A group of scientists went into the Stone Labyrinths to seek the surface, but they all died due to the creatures living there.
  • 550 AY - The word of the Heresy of Magic arrived on the fourth level, and Ferrgli tried to convert the Academy of Wizardry to science only. Very few were in agreement, and for many years the academy still ran as normal internally, just with a different external face.
  • 605 AY - The Master of Ways visit the Academy, and more powerful spells were discovered and crafted.
  • 630 AY - After the creation of the Council of Ways in 620 AY, a formal connection was established with the Academy and regular communication began between Hydlaa and the Academy.
  • 630-750 AY TO BE DEFINED.

Significant Person Tracking
  • Galeran Tarbius: Follower of Laanx. He received the Book of Names from Laanx, and spread the word in Hydlaa. The final Laanx religion is born by Laanx though him.
  • Shindrok :Scientist, created the Observatorium, and discovered a lot about the properties of the great Crystal.
  • Ferrgli Destomatili : First octarch of the fourth level.
Special Places
  • Xant Laan: City in the Stone Labyrinths.
  • Main City : City of the Stars, fourth level.
  • Kadaikos: City in the labyrinths, outside the stalactite, supposedly in the bottom of the cavern were Yliakum resides.