PlaneShift - Diaboli

Physical Traits

Body: They have shiny oil-black skin, a long thin pointed tail and little horns. Their body proportions are almost the same as humans, and almost identical internal organs. Both sexes have gorgeous, perfectly shaped bodies. Their skin always tends to reflect light, they also have a lower body temperature than most humanoids and are very hard to spot with night vision and infravision.
Height: With a height between 1.70m and 1.85m the Diaboli were one of the tallest races in Yliakum.
Eyes: Since the Diaboli's world knew nothing but a constant twilight, the Diaboli evolved night vision.
Hair: Their hair grows wildly, but not as fast as the Nolthrir and can reach to the tail-root. Their hair color varies from blond, brown, red but never completely black.
Age: Compared to some other races, Diaboli live much shorter lives, only around 50 years, with an average of about 45 years old. Due to their fast metabolism they can reproduce from the age of 13.
Starting stats: NON PLAYABLE RACE

Social Structure and Organization

The Diaboli possess a high self-esteem and rarely keep a single partner for long, preferring to have many. This helps to explain the large number of half-breeds in Yliakum. They tend to be a happy, bustling, malicious race, quite unreliable and humility is a completely foreign concept to them. They are famous for their way of making social relations. The children are most often taught magic, arts, and how to act in social relations (in their own way) from the age of 3 years old. Diaboli tend to appear when they are least wanted and some truly are troublemakers. Considering how hard life was on their homeworld, they consider Yliakum a paradise and they want to benefit from it as much as they can. This brings them into conflict with the other races very often.


The Diaboli tend to keep away from any religion due to their experience with their first, unknown, god. The events following their belief led to an inherited fear of any authority, which made them develop strong social ties amongst themselves.


Diaboli are food lovers, both taste and quantity are equally important. They love fruits and seafood: fish, from carp to drifter, and fruits, especially macca fruits, are good examples. The Diaboli adjusted to little food over extended periods of time.


To be defined.

Abilities and fields of interest

Seduction: The Diaboli possess a kind of natural seduction charm. They are famous for their ability to attract and charm people, and therefore the Diaboli have a natural talent for social relations.

Resistance to magic: The Diaboli developed a good resistance to many elemental spells thanks to a deep knowledge in that area of magic.

Vulnerability to holy: They avoid holy places as they feel uncomfortable in them. It's quite rare to meet a Diaboli inside a temple, apart from the imprisoned ones. They diligently try to avoid sacred objects: holy weapons are devastating against them, as a result of a curse placed upon their race.


Tools and Clothes

When being creative the Diaboli use harmonious, rounded shapes, such as ovals. They use lots of strong colors. Another art form they tend to like, is singing, they like performing which also gives them attention.


Homeworld name: Hehrtanay

Description of Home World: The once emerald, fertile land of Hehrtanay was changed over time so long that it became hot and black with the sky filled with ominous clouds which produced lightning constantly though rain never falls. Is a world trapped in permanent twilight. It is a desolate and barren land with volcanoes dot the landscape, filling the air with clouds of toxic smoke which poisoned the ground with sulfur. Yet in this world lived the Diaboli, under constant threat by terrible creatures who roamed the lands and hunted them.

Social structure and organization: They chose to live a nomadic way of life in tight knit communities where they cared for each other, this gave rise to the Diaboli's social talents; they were lively and intelligent yet they did not understand the concept of ownership, being from a communal society. Magic was free and everywhere, not bound to something like the crystal in Yliakum. The Diaboli used a magic system that was musical in nature. Ringing chimes and "chanting" their spells was a common practice.

Reason for Leaving Home World:Led by their god Vael'ras, who discovered them and aided them so as to gain followers, he took on two young disciples, the magically gifted Loriok, who had not come of age, and the noble Ateria whose parents had served as priests to Vael'ras. Ateria joined the temple of Vael'ras, and became a priestess in his service which led Vael'ras to like her and helped her. It was then that Ateria, who had shown ambition, proclaimed herself the leader of the Diaboli, backed by Vael'ras. Thus she began to demand more devotion and even life sacrifices to please Vael'ras. What followed was a massive revolt against her leadership, civil war broke out which led to many opposing Ateria. The former priest Loriok, who had fled the war into exile some years, returned only to assassinate Vael'ras in his own temple. He was captured by the forces of Ateria and was locked in her palace to be tortured day after day.
The opposition to Ateria rose once more, and resulted in a second civil war. Ever more determined to resist the tyranny of Ateria, the followers of Ateria were beaten in a decisive battle to take back the capital by the rebel forces. Ateria became enraged and decided to use her vast powers against the rebels, she summoned all of her powers and changed the nature of magic in the land of Hehrtanay. Corrupting the land and atmosphere and so the land of Hehrtanay went from verdant fields of land to what it is today. Using so much power eventually caused Ateria her life, and died in the process. In her dying breath, she cursed the Diaboli and made them vulnerable to sacred objects, so no god would be able to help them out of their misery.
The brave Loriok Grunnval, who became terribly disfigured and exhausted from his years in captivity was proclaimed leader of the Diaboli by the rebels. Humbled by the vote of confidence in his ability to lead the people, Loriok instead proclaimed his concept of an equal society, which meant no Diaboli would ever again stand above another. This caused the Diaboli to slowly move towards a nomadic way of life, and learned of the presence of the terrible creatures as many Diaboli fell victim to them. Unfortunately Loriok Grunnval and his companions were killed during an attack by the raiding creatures. Several years passed and a distant relative of Loriok, named Sitrana was born. She was a talented mage, and was able to summon forth magical familiars to serve her, and taught the Diaboli mages to do the same. Meanwhile at the same time the last permanent stronghold settlement of the Diaboli was left abandoned.
Sitrania Froulos gathered the Diaboli together in an attempt to hunt and root out the creatures, she even attempted to change the land back to what it was before Ateria tainted it. She came up with the concept of a promised land where the diaboli would live in the future. Sitriania's attempts to reverse the adverse effects upon the land failed. Time and time again Sitrania failed in her attempts, and even worsened the state of the environment. This resulted in the rest of the Diaboli expelling her from their ranks.
Still alive and more determined than ever, Sitrania managed to gain more control over magic, and spent her time pursuing the use and strengthening her powers. After some years of study, a discovery was made by her, she discovered the existence of other gods, and called upon them. The supreme deity who ruled the future heard her pleas, and was made aware of the Diaboli.
The higher one remembering the pledge that he made to Laanx and Talad chose to act even though he knew of the Diaboli's distrust of gods, he opened a portal near a Diaboli encampment in secret even as Sitrania remained exiled. The Diaboli discovered the portal and gathered a large group of their people there. They had to fend off attacks by the ferocious beasts and traveled through the portal.

Pre-portal history:

  • 349 BY - Vael'ras, the god of the Diaboli, discovered them. He decided to help them in order to gain followers.
  • 16 BY - Loriok Grunnval, male, was born.
  • 3 BY - Loriok, even though not yet off age tried to enter the service of Vael'ras. He was accepted due to his exceptional talent with magic.
  • 24 AY - Ateria Treillor, female, was born. Her parents were both priests of Vael'ras.
  • 44 AY - Ateria joined the temple of Vael'ras and became a priest in his service. Vael'ras grew to like her and decided to help
  • 51 AY - Ateria proclaimed herself leader of the Diaboli, backed up by Vael'ras.
  • 53 AY - Ateria demanded more and more devotion to Vael'ras, even life sacrifices. The Diaboli were enraged and revolted against Ateria. The great war started.
  • 53-62 AY - The great war continued, the forces opposing Ateria subsided due to the support of Vael'ras. A few leaders of the opposition managed to escape into exile, among them the former priest Loriok Grunnval.
  • 66 AY - Vael'ras was killed by an assassin in his own temple. Loriok Grunnval, the attacker, was captured and locked in Ateria's palace, destined to a life of never ending torture.
  • 67 AY - The opposition force rose once more, resulted in the second great war.
  • 68 AY - The followers of Ateria were beaten in a decisive battle for her capital. Ateria used all her power to change the nature of magic in the land, thus changing the land itself to something close to its current state. She died in the process. Furthermore, she cursed the Diaboli and made them vulnerable to sacred objects, so no god would be able to help them out of their misery. Loriok Grunnval, terribly disfigured and exhausted from his years in captivity, was proclaimed leader of the Diaboli.
  • 68 AY - Loriok Grunnval proclaimed his concept of equality, no Diaboli would ever again stand above another. Private property was abolished, as the sources of food started getting scarce. The Diaboli would no longer follow any leader or god.
  • 70 AY - The Diaboli, now slowly started moving towards a nomadic way of life, they learned of the presence of the creatures for the first time. Many Diaboli fell victim to them.
  • 71 AY - Loriok Grunnval and his community were killed during an attack by the creatures.
  • 195 AY - Sitrania Froulos, a distant relative of Loriok, was born.
  • 201 AY - The last permanent settlement of the Diaboli was abolished.
  • 223 AY - Sitrania Froulos managed to create the first pets out of magic.
  • 235 AY - The first pets began being summoned by other Diaboli mages.
  • 248 AY - Sitrania Froulos gathered the Diaboli for an attempt to root out the creatures and change the nature of the land back. She invented the term of a "promised land", where the Diaboli would live in the future.
  • 249 AY - The hunting Diaboli managed to gain slight advances against the creatures. The creatures showed they are partly sentient and hunted the Diaboli in return. Attempts to change the land back failed.
  • 251 AY - Sitrania Froulos failed in another attempt to change the land and worsened the state of it. Now, sulfur polluted the air and volcanoes threatened the land. The Diaboli banished Sitrania from their ranks.
  • 297 AY - Sitrania Froulos, still alive, managed to gain more control over magic. She spent her time studying its use and her powers.
  • 304 AY - Sitrania Froulos discovered the existence of gods anew and called upon them. Vodul heard her and was made aware of the state of Diaboli.
  • 310 AY - Vodul remembered the Diaboli and his promise to Laanx and Talad. Sitrania remained in the land. Aware of the Diaboli's distrust of gods, he opened the portal near a Diaboli community in secret. The Diaboli discovered the portal and gathered nearly all of their people there. The Diaboli fended off several attacks from the creatures and traveled through the portal. The Diaboli finished the creation of the Mound around their portal. The Diaboli started to abandon their camp around the portal and move on.

Race history in Yliakum
  • Portal Location: The portal the Diaboli passed though was situated on the first level. The Diaboli erected a stone wall around it and then piled huge amounts of earth on it. They felt nothing of the old world should follow them to their new, promised land. The hill over the portal is called The Mound, a place of remembrance to the Diaboli.
  • 310 AY - Arrived in Yliakum in late summer.
  • 331 AY - The Diaboli started to rampage in their "promised land" and exploited nature and natural resources, raided cities and villages. Mainly in sector D.
  • 342 AY - A number of small fights raged in sectors (C/B/A) against the Ylians and Enkidukai in particular. They continued to move "west".
  • 346 AY - Diaboli decided to migrate into other regions to gather resources, and find a permanent home.
  • 348 AY - The Diaboli settled at the edge of the great forest in sector H of the first level. They called their settlement Biranmia. The interaction with the Dermorians was much easier than with other races, mainly because the Dermorians knew nothing about them.
  • 349 AY - Lerivia Smear was born (see Ynnwn history), was the first Ynnwn.
  • 370 AY - A new small village was founded in level 1 sector H, named Listarindel, from the name of Lerivia's mother. Lerivia took leadership of the village and more Ynnwns joined her.
  • 360 AY - Talad manifested himself to the Diaboli in numerous different forms, but the Diaboli were inclined to disappear whenever someone began to discuss religion.
  • 420 AY - Laanx saw Talad's failed attempts with the Diaboli, and manifested himself to the Diaboli, in very different ways, he bought the soul of Caihon Xyre promising him he would become the ruler of his people if he managed to spread the word of Laanx within the Diaboli.
  • 425 AY - Caihon Xyre became the most influential Diaboli of Biranmia.
  • 428 AY - Caihon was strongly against the concept of the Octarchy, and Truvar Zhaiad in particular.
  • 429 AY - A few meetings occurred between Caihon and Truvar, with rather bad results. He stated he would create a second governing group made up of Diaboli and Dermorians opposed to the Octarchy. Truvar established a boundary to the Octarchy domain up against the Dermorian forest. Caihon disagreed and broke the rules many times in the next few months on purpose. A few fights/battles occurred.
  • 430 AY - Lerivia died in the trials of rejoining the Diaboli with the rest of the races in a pretty epic battle where she stood unharmed in the middle of the battle ground between a mass of Octarchy guards and the Diaboli. She was killed by Caihon. The battle was won by the Octarchy. Caihon was removed as leader, but still tried to influence the Diaboli.
  • 437 AY - Caihon was finally found and imprisoned and things stood still for quite some time. The region boundary was never practically respected.
  • 450-500 AY - The bond between Dermorians and Diaboli became stronger, more Ynnwn were born.
  • 480 AY - Washarre Mor hideout was founded (see history of magic) by the races who were not yet officially in the Octarchy: Dermorians, Ynnwn and Diaboli.
  • 510 AY - Hifalar Zhaiad became old and needed a replacement, he had no children. Diaboli thought it was the right time to step up and have their leader as an Octarch. None of the races supported that, but at the same time they didn't want to endlessly fight with the Diaboli. A pretty influential Dermorian, Iris Davvinee took the lead and proposed herself as the leader ensuring she could bring the Diaboli to reason.
  • 532 AY - A group of Diaboli started to think about leaving Yliakum for the Death Realm.
  • 536 AY - More diaboli killed themselves and founded a city in the Death Realm to become "immortals".
  • 580 AY - The exodus stabilized and two separate groups of Diaboli are now living in Death Realm and Yliakum.

Significant Person Tracking
  • Loriok Grunnval : Loriok Grunnval was born in the year 16 BY. In his early years, he showed a strong interest in the use of magic, and was accepted as a priest of Vael'ras in the year 3 BY, much earlier then any other Diaboli. Vael'ras was killed by Loriok with an enchanted weapon.
  • Ateria Treillor : Ateria was born in the year 24 AY. High priestess of Vael'ras. She proclaimed herself queen of the Diaboli in 51 AY, one of the first measures she introduced was a stronger worshiping of Vael'ras.
  • Sitrania Froulos: Sitrania Froulos, distant descendant of Loriok Grunnval, was born in the year 195 AY. She showed the same gift for magic as her ancestor, Loriok. She became famous for her skills, especially when she created the first pets through magic. She tried to change the land to his good state, but failed.
  • Caihon Xyre (401 AY - 440 AY ): Influential leader, who is against the Octarchy.
  • Dazirah (born 731 AY): She is the vigesimi of Donton sector, covered by a large jungle.
Special Places
  • The Mound: Where the Diaboli portal is buried.
  • Biranmia: The Diaboli settlement close to the forest of Dermorians. The city is still there, may be inhabited by Ynnwn today.
  • Main City : In the Death Realm, not reachable for now.