PlaneShift Unreal Release 0.7.42

By PlaneShift Team, April 27th 2024    Write a comment.

Hello friends! A new release is ready for you to download.

This release can be updated through the PSLauncher, but you can also download it fully, as you prefer from our Download page.

Here is the list of changes for 0.7.42:

Added new Compendium maps, one for each major area. You have to obtain the maps through merchants or quests, and then the map will appear in the Compendium, under People and Locations. After this, if you speak with an merchant or a trainer, it will be added automatically to the map. RP-wise this simulates you taking a note on the map.
On the maps you can also add custom pins, to note a specific location or NPC. The custom pins are stored separately in your savegame directory (client side storage).
If you have in your inventory the "Hydlaa East Map" or "Hydlaa Main Map" from the past, those have been updated to work with the new Compendium feature, so just right-click and Use, those will be added to the compendium as well.

Changes to generated dungeon:
- Changed furniture loot quality chance (to be checked)
- removed the loot icon popup in case the furniture is not lootable. There will still be the chance to find nothing, as there are some rolls involved, but the ones 100% without loot will not popup an icon.
- Updated Dungeon with more monster types, so now monsters are based on the difficulty of the dungeon, and also the deepness.
- Fixed the loot provided by monsters in the dungeon
- Added one new large room

We significantly improved the textures of the laanx dungeons (under Hydlaa city).
We significantly improved the textures of Amdeneir (the Klyros city). In addition hundreds of fixes to the geometry of Amdeneir, plus the tavern has been expanded to allow more movement space.
Added new NPC in amdeneir, started to add new quests for maps

Changed pets: removed concept of "primary" vs "mount". Previously you could have only one primary pet, who could evolve, and all others were considered not evolving. This is now changed, and there are certain pet types that can evolve, example Yulbar and Groffel, and others that cannot evolve, like Rivnak and Drifter. This is in preparation for a Pet enhancement where they will gain experience and evolve. In this release you cannot evolve yet.

Added new skin for Yulbar (not used yet, but will be)
Prevented crash on trap disable
Fixed crash on NPC respawning in null sector
Fixed the monsters attacks vs players (ranged and not)

All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings.
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