PlaneShift Unreal Release 0.7.41

By PlaneShift Team, March 23rd 2024    Write a comment.

Greetings PlaneShifters! A new release is ready for you to download.

This release cannot be updated through the PSLauncher, so you have to download it from our Download page.

Here is the list of changes for 0.7.41:

Procedural dungeons:
- We created a new tool in game which allows GMs to procedurally generate new dungeons. The dungeons can have walls/corridors/normal and special rooms. Rooms may contain loot of various quality, and some monsters. Doors and gates can be trapped and locked or stuck, so you will have to use lockpicking, trap removal and bruteforce skills to get through the dungeon.
- All the loot is configurable by the GMs.
- Monsters at the moment are of two types, but future enhancements will expand this. Due to technical limitations the monsters cannot move inside the procedural dungeon, but they can shoot at range, so the challenge is there anyway! Beware there are also some invisible traps! The location of the dungeons will be defined by the GMs.
- New chest for the main loot
- Added magic portal to reach the generated dungeon, and a portal to come back
- Added new search animation used for the character when searching traps or secrets
- Added 4 types of traps + invisible trap
- Added 2 dungeon wall style variations
- Added riddles to dungeons
- Added new shields as decoration to walls
- Added sounds for looting furniture

Improvements to crafting:
- Added search bar in the crafting window. You can press "search" multiple times to go to the next result inside the same book
- Added Expand node button
- Fixed missing recipes when reading crafting books
- Fixed enchant books descriptions
- Added indication of improved quality when applicable
- Fixed 0 quantity in crafting window
- added a check to verify if the choosen container has enough slots, and if the items are fitting in the container (size)
- Resolved crash on crafting check when primary skill is not required
- Added message when multiples of base items are allowed

Fixed the storage window to allow right click on items to view the description
Removed the wrong claws spawned at the feet of ulbernault (and other creatures)
Fixed the targeting of spells on friendly characters

Fixed lava cave puzzle and quest
Fixed some wrongly sized barrels and crates objects
Fixed the display of the creator/crafter name and guild
Fixed creator/crafter name being kept during exchanges and storage
Fixed scoop and spoon orientation
Fixed voiceover music volumes on Xiosia in the Stone Labyrinths
Fixed silver/gold/platinum bracers icons
Fix on the loot window for /loot command
Reduced the torch size a bit
Fix few spells icons
Updated Ojaveda skins and carpets
Changed the loading of many UI screens to use asynchronous Loading, this will ensure the screens are loaded only when needed, reducing the client memory usage. As an example all the background history illustrations were staying in memory, now they are not.
Fixed KlyrosFemale head and torso to work in Dryken plane shader
Fixed some wrong icons for weapons and books
You can now give stacks of food to your pet and get proper energy recovery
Fixed plaza issue on big steps making you fly to the sky
Fixed a bug occurring when inventory was full and dropped item was floating in the air

All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings.
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