PlaneShift Unreal Release 0.7.40

By PlaneShift Team, January 6th 2024    Write a comment.

Greetings PlaneShifters! A new release is ready for you to download.

This release cannot be updated through the PSLauncher, so you have to download it from our Download page.

Here is the list of changes for 0.7.40:

Many textures have been upgraded in quality. Now we use higher resolution textures, but still very reasonable in terms of hardware requirements. Upgrades include hydlaa west, hydlaa east, jayose library, kadael tavern, laanx temple, bronzedoors and ojaveda (only base sandstone).
Changed hydlaa external walls textures and main city doors with higher quality ones
Increased texture resolution of some tools
Added small gardens to main hydlaa plaza, changed the fountain gems

Expanded Levrus magic shop, there is now more space, and also some higher resolution textures

Simplified crafting. in the crafting book window, there is now the possibility to check if tools and materials are available to complete the crafting, by checking the surroundings and your inventory. After the check is successful a new "prepare" button shows up in the same window, to move all the required materials in the crafting container.

Added Gamma to the Setting window
Added /screenshot command. You can use also with "nogui" parameter to take a clean screenshot without user interface.

Improvements to Dryken plane, more hints, one more tutorial message, new reference points (planets)

Improved message when you already at max faction score
Fixed issue with chat logs
Fixed Ylian male hair when wearing robe
Fixed being able to cast identify item spell
Fixed quest crash when assigning faction points
Fixed /changeguildleader crash

Various fixes to NPC animations (arangma, kikiri, ulber)

Updated all spells sounds to fix the right channel audio issue
Fixed some bugs in board minigames
Fixed crash on invalid skill when lockpicking
Fixed non-attackable new players
Fixed crash when a new NPC event was triggered by time event

All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings.
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