PlaneShift Unreal Release 0.7.39

By PlaneShift Team, December 2nd 2023    Write a comment.

Well met friends! A new release is ready for you to download.

This release can be updated through the PSLauncher, but if you want, you can also downloaded it from our Download page.

Here is the list of changes for 0.7.39:

Some merchants are now faction aligned. They will give you better or worst prices when buying based on your faction alignment with them. You can see this information at the bottom of the merchant window and trading with them
Added overall discounts for factions and possibility to have certain items you can buy only if you have a certain faction reputation. The idea is to have certain high quality items sold by merchants only if they like you
Merchants can completely refuse to trade if the faction reputation is too negative

We added magical trails following the weapon swing. The trails are divided in tiers based on the rarity of the enhancement. If the weapon has more than one enchantment, the most rare one will define the trail type.

Improvements to combat:
- Added 2 more animations for melee attacks
- Added the left hand animations for melee attacks, you can now finally see the proper animation when attacking with the second hand
- Added the ability to use your shield as a defense. Put it in your left hand, then in combat mode you can right mouse click and use the shield.
- Changed all shields to be equip-able only in the left hand

Added new capabilities to prevent access to containers based on a certain condition, example a certain faction reputation. This allows for example to have a chest or a bookshelf inside a faction hall, that will be accessible only with a certain reputation score.
Fixed a bug in assigning faction points through quests

Fixed casting of offensive spells through shortcuts
Fixed bad bug of items disappearing in containers when trading exchanging over capacity
Fixed the train stat window, to show all the stats available, clicking on train will now give proper messages based on your rank or faction scores
Fixed helm position for lemur characters
Fixed the idle animation not to be played while moving
Created new GM panel to simplify setup of items for in game events
Added ambience music to Dryken Plane and added music volume reduction during dryken plane voiceovers
Changed the way icons show in the right-click context menu. Now Use is shown only when meaningful
Changed the way icons are displayed for containers. The right-click context menu doesnt show combine and use. Those are only in the container window
Removed all icons from container window when you open it from your inventory, as those are not relevant
Fixed crash on NPC exchange when not part of a tribe
Fixed crash of newly created familiar, which is then fed and crashes

All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings.
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