PlaneShift Unreal Alpha Release 0.7.33

By PlaneShift Team, March 18th 2023      6 comments.

Hello PlaneShifters, it's time for a new release! This release fixes the light problem we had with 0.7.31, so you should see better lights and get better performances. We also introduced musical instruments!

This release can be updated through the PSLauncher, and also downloaded fully from our Download page.

Here is the list of changes for 0.7.32 and 0.7.33:

Added musical instruments. The way players can play instruments in PSUnreal is different from PSLegacy. In PSLegacy you could compose a score directly in the game. In PSUnreal we are supporting the standard MIDI format to import your scores. The easiest way is to download a program like MuseScore, which is a freely available program to create music scores for Windows, Linux and Mac. In this program you can import music, or connect your MIDI instrument to create a score. When you have a score, you should export it as MIDI file, and save it in the Saved/musicalsheets directory where the PlaneShift save games are. Then you can open a blank score in the game, click on "Compose" and you will get a list of all the midi files you have in that Saved/musicalsheets directory. You select one file, and then you can play it by clicking "Play". The musical scores created in PSLegacy are no more compatible with PSUnreal, what you can do is to export from PSLegacy the XML, and then import it in MuseScore, and export as MIDI. The MIDI file should have one track only.

Fixed lights recalculation with Unreal Engine 5.1.1, which was broken in previous release.

Changed the lights at night, making it less dark.

Added the first underwater Nolthrir building in the Emeral Lake! Try to find it!

All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings.
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