An Unreal Arcade

By PlaneShift Team, January 4th 2017      55 comments.

Some updates on our Unreal Engine tests, and an arcade to remind old times.

We started the Unreal Engine project about 1 year and half ago. The start has been pretty rough, as we realized Unreal Engine is not specifically made to build MMOs, even if surely you can build such a game with it, but not without a lot of work. Probably one of the mistakes we did was to start converting our code in UE without first trying to learn how the engine works, and how it should be used. This lowered our motivation, and we restarted to focus on the current PS version. In the last year or so we had very little activity on Unreal, but the good news is that we restarted few weeks ago, with a new approach and new motivation.

So we decided to make a small single player game to test few things like: importing some of our models and at least one animated character, learn the blueprint system (very powerful), see the workflow in packaging a game and making patches, all using UE without too much custom code. The result is a simple game : Crystal Hunt. Some (probably few) of you may remember we had a crystal hunt also in the main PS server many years ago, and this is a revamp of that idea, but for now single player.

You can download the game for the three platforms we support.

Windows version is here.
MacOSX Version is here.
Linux Version is here.

For Windows please be sure to install the Microsoft MSVC 2015 redistributables as its a prerequisite. If any of you are still on win 32bit system, we also compiled a version for it, here.

This is the very first test we do with Unreal, so will be good if you could report any issues you find. You can also tell us the FPS you get in game. (first line in the right side of the screen after pressing F2).