Source code

PlaneShift Versions

There are two versions of PlaneShift. PlaneShift Legacy and PlaneShift Unreal.

PlaneShift Unreal is the new and current version made with Unreal Engine 5. This version is currently not open source, the main reason being that used some components taken from the Marketplace carrying their own license, and if we just make our game sources available, we will also share those pieces. The work to separate what's ours and what's not is definitely possible, but not high priority at the moment. We still keep an open development concept, and most of our developments are done live on Twitch and Youtube. Also if you are interested in any particular piece of code and how something is made, just ask and we can share.

The Open Source version, also called "PlaneShift Legacy", has been made few years back. Is not playable anymore, but the sources are available and if you want to just take a sneak peek at our source code you can look it here. It is released under GPL.

How to download the PSLegacy source

We are hosted on the great OpenSource Site of SourceForge, the biggest OpenSource repository in the Net.

You can find the details in the SVN section of sourceforge site. There is no prepackaged source zip, you will have to use SVN (Subversion):

There is also a PlaneShift Compiling Guide available to help you.

Open Source Community

Open Source software is about freedom and liberty, not about price. Developers decide to create OpenSource software to give more liberty to the users and to increase sharing of information.

Giving public access to the sources, means that anyone can learn from it, and can hopefully decide to help the ones that give this information for free. All people that share this idea form the Open Source Community, a stable, big and friendly community that aims to improve the liberty of users.

With Open Source you know exactly what is running on your machine, you have a way to report and fix bugs on it, you can enhance the experience of all by helping and improving the software.

Open Source Licenses are a main part of this idea. Those licenses give maximum visibility on source to everyone, while keeping the sources safe from commercial exploits. When source code is released in that way, it belongs to the community of OS developers, any other people (including companies) can take that software and enhance it, but they will be bound to release their enhancements as OpenSource. This can really keep safe the work of the developers.

How PlaneShift Legacy differs from other OpenSource softwares

To have a clear idea of our license and to understand the reasons behind it, please read this page.