Quick-Start Guide

PlaneShift Quick-Start Guide

  1. Verify this checklist to play PlaneShift:

    • You need a Windows, Linux or Macintosh computer (laptop or desktop)
    • You need at least 1.5Gb of free space on your Hard Disk
    • You need a good video card, as PlaneShift is a full 3D videogame. Usually the video card is more important than the CPU
    • You need 2Gb of RAM or more.
    • You will be connected to the internet while playing, so you need a permanent and stable connection. To download the game you need a good internet connection or will take lot of time.
    • You should disable firewalls or routers blocking port 7777. Usually it's not possible to play when behind a corporate firewall (from work for example!)
  2. Installing and registration.

    • Get the base installation file from the download page
    • Create an account by going to this page, insert your data and wait a verification email. The email will require you to click on a link an choose a password to activate the account. The account is completely free, as the rest of the game.
  3. First login and char creation:

    • When the game starts you have to enter your email as login, and the same password you choose on the registration page.
    • If you see numbers to the left of server name, means the server is up and running, if you read "Fail", means that the server is down or you cannot reach it due to firewall issues. To see if the server is up go the main web page of the server and check on the left columns the "Total Online" players connected; if this number is greater than 0 then the server is up.
    • You will be requested to create a new character - you can go for the "Quick" creation where most options are chosen for you, or the "Custom" option. For now select the Quick, and come back later with another char. You can have up to 4 characters. You can delete them at any time.
  4. When a character is created, you will enter the PlaneShift 3D world.

    • Move with the arrow keys and explore the world, and press 'm' to change the camera setting. Clicking on the Option icon (to the top left) will give you access to the keyboard configuration, and check there all keys used in the game to control your character.
    • All races start in Hydlaa, the main city. Explore the surroundings a bit, and locate the blacksmith by the plaza - his name is Harnquist. You can get some quests from him. You can also walk between the houses to find the entrance to the sewers where you will find your first fights. You can also pick up some apples from the trees around Harnquist and sell those in the tavern to gain some easy money.
  5. Roleplay.

    • PlaneShift is a roleplaying game and players are encouraged to always roleplay their character while in game, please read this brief introduction to roleplay.
  6. Quest chains

    • Be sure to complete the tutorial as it gives you good items and initial pointers to the NPCs you need to start your adventuring. There is one starter NPC for each of the major profession/path you may want to follow. The "Welcome Letter" you have in your inventory is a great way to learn about them. Examples: Harnquist as blacksmith, Aleena as herbalist, Gregori as gladiator, etc... You should try talking to them and start some quests in the path you want to develop your character. A quest requires you to use your brain to solve it, involving riddles, puzzles, combat or magic. Doing quests, you will advance in the trust of various persons in the game, being able to gain more powerful items, access hidden places and gain fame.
    • To get a quest you have to speak to a computer controlled entity (called NPC for short, Non Player Character). So go to Harnquist or Trasok, right click on them and select the speak icon. If there are quests available, you will be presented with some pre-made options. Select one to start your discussion. There is also another way to speak to NPCs, with the free text bubble. Type "Hi" in the empty bubble and the NPC will answer to you. PlaneShift uses a native language parsing system that allows you to speak to NPCs in plain English. Try to keep your phrases short and precise.
    • Simple quests usually require you to bring some item to the requester or to discover some information.
  7. Combat.

    • Your character is pretty young and inexperienced, with little or no knowledge on fighting and magic. Because of this reason, you have to be careful, taking fights only when quest requires it is probably the best idea, but if you want to adveture, you can go down in the sewers of hydlaa and kill some monsters (at this point we suggest you to only attack rats to practice combat). This is probably the best way to start making some experience and money.
    • Be careful about which rats you choose - right click on them and check their description. Avoid the "robust" ones, and attack the normal ones. You can attack them with bare hands.
    • To attack, just right click on the monster and click the sword icon. Look at the top right of the screen and you will see your and its life going down. Be sure to avoid death! If you are in trouble, run away and return later.
    • If you manage to kill a rat, you can right click on the corpse and get some loot. Rats do not have much, but you can sell some animals parts or the hide. In Hydlaa you can sell the animal parts to Liera Zireti found in the arena, to the west of the iron temple. In Ojaveda you can sell the animal parts and hides to Hirenn Darmeth.
  8. Magic

    • If you want to start with magic, you need some glyphs. Glyphs are the base of creating and casting any spell. If you have some money you should visit Levrus in the magic shop, that resides between Hydlaa and the Bronze Doors - quite close to Hydlaa.
    • When you got at least one glyph, open your spellbook from your top menu. First of all you should drag your glyph on the purify icon. After some time the glyph will be purified and ready for usage. Then move the glyph to the slots at the bottom of the spell screen and save the spell. You can now launch the new spell.
  9. Training

    • As soon as you gain experience and some money, you can go to a trainer and advance a "rank" in a certain skill. For example you can visit Harnquist the blacksmith in Hydlaa to learn how to better handle an axe, or Trasok in Ojaveda for sword.
    • Just right click on the trainer and select the train icon. The skills window will open, and you have to select one skill and click the train button.
  10. Proceeding further in the game

    • There are a number of options you have in addition to the ones described, like creating a guild, crafting items, participating in live events.
    • You will discover those options step by step thanks to the community of players and other released material like the player guide.
    • Check the toolbar to the top left and explore all menus and options.
  11. Troubleshooting

    • Before asking, please review the Help present in game, in the Toolbar to the top left of the screen. There you can find most commands and their detailed explanation.
    • If you have problems in game you can ask for help on our forums, or directly in game in the "Help" channel. In the chat window, select the last tab called "Help" and type your questions there, an advisor (expert player or GM) will answer you as soon as possible. Remember that they cannot give hints or cheats, like telling you how to complete a quest.