PlaneShift - ChangeLog 0.6

PlaneShift release 0.6.0 Additional Change Log

In addition to the list of changes you have read on the main post, here are all other minor, but still relevant changes.

  • Fixes to a number of in game books (bug #5338).
  • Fixed bug #5990 - The Dark Way block of the Hydlaa plaza fountain had a bad setting so you could not see the dialog needed to complete a quest.
  • Fixed bug #6145 - Fixed the description to hops
Additional Art changes
  • Four new book colours have been created and you can buy from Jayose.
  • Icons for numerous plants which just had a sack have been created, this should make searching through your herbal supplies easier.
  • Many of the old textures, like those on the Dermorian male torso, and leather torso armour had tiny spots of transparency which meant you could see through the character. 49 old textures with this problem have been fixed (bug #3745).
  • You might find your paths blocked in certain caves now by giant boulders, look for the nearby mechanism to move it out the way.
  • Ride animation was missing for rogues. That has been added now so for events, GMs can play mounted rogues and it won't look weird.
  • Improved graphic for Electrouch spell
  • Puppy protection: many NPC behaviours have been updated so newly created characters will not be attacked by relatively weak (but aggressive) NPCs able to kill them. Examples are Arangmas and Rogue. Monsters in the wilderness areas (like ulbernauts) are meant to be dangerous and will not have puppy protection.
  • Monster rebalancing: some monster armour skill didn't match their natural armour type (for example it was light instead of medium), this has been fixed.
  • Another tribe added (the Ash Brotherhood) and many improvements to the tribal recipes and behaviours of the tribes already released.
Rules bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug #5197 - We have greatly increased the number of platinum steel weapons you can craft.
  • Fixed bug #6167, #6202 - The Fear spell and other Dark Way spells will now work as designed.
Additional Engine changes
  • An addition to the window for picking up custom numbers from a stack: it will now remember the last number you chose and not default to 1 each time.
  • Improvements to developer quest parser to aid in quest development.
  • Added a limit to the number of 'stacks' you can have in a storage category to prevent the max capacity from being passed resulting in not being able to access those items.
  • Fixed "/pet summon N" , so that it will summon the same pet regardless of the order the pets where added to your char.
  • Return a more useful error message for /pet command if mounted.
  • Additional improvement to the crafting books for enchanting to correct "With higher crystal way]]Enchant...." & related bugs
  • Re-written Help file to go with remade tutorial, and updated with new commands.
  • Lots of fixes to slot and container handling, should improve most problems people encounter.
  • Fixed a bug where if an item was in a container in slot >=16, and you were storing, you could see it in the list but you couldn't store it.
Engine bug fixes
  • Fixed bug #1213 - This fix will mean that books with commas in the name will show correctly while trading the book.
  • Fixed bug #2097 - This will allow players to select the icon of a reward from the quest reward window, not just the text.
  • Fixed bug #2551 - As part of the new shortcut window you will be able to pickup and drop shortcuts to reorder them.
  • Fixed bug #3794 - This will fix the bug which appears if you have a pet summoned and another is created you end up with one you can't command. Now if you have a pet summoned it is dismissed before the new one is created.
  • Fixed bug #4641, #5839 - The Chat window has been slightly adjusted to improve its look.
  • Fixed bug #5218 - Shortcuts now use the new /emote command.
  • Fixed bug #5665 - This adds improvements to pet commands, to let you command a pet by name. They new use the following command format /pet action pet name/number example "/pet summon jonny" "/pet stay jonny"
  • Fixed bug #5695 - This fixes a bug where you did not get an error message when you tried to research magic with no glyphs in the research slots. Now you get an error message, this should make research easier to work out.
  • Fixed bug #5731 - This fix stops a crash where if you tried to force training a faction when you open the training window, as factions can not be trained, the client crashed.
  • Fixed bug #5825 - The active magic window will now have one list, use spell icons for spells, and has a too bar icon for quick show/hide
  • Fixed bug #5894 - This should mean that all magic enchanting crafting books display the instructions correctly
  • Fixed bug #5899 - This fixes the missing feature where you could only change pages with clicking on the next/previous buttons in books. Now you can use mouse scroll, key scrolls on; Up/Down, Left/Right, PgUp/PgDown, and End/Home. This allows for much easier changing of pages in creative and crafting books.
  • Fixed bug #5910 - Both a mount and unmount icon have been added to the interaction menu with mounts. This makes getting on and off much easier.
  • Fixed bug #5964 - Removed reference to "being frozen by a GM" so spells which use the same code as the GM command do not make it look like you were frozen by a GM.
  • Fixed bug #5965 - Previously if you had an NPC selected as it went invisible you could still train/trade with it. This fix means this should no longer be the case.
  • Fixed bug #5968 - This fix has added a /brightness command and will preserve setting through restart, to allow for easier control of custom brightness levels.
  • Fixed bug #6003 - This will fix instances where category names changed to lower case. This also messed up the order they displayed in the merchant/storage windows. All category names will now say in their correct case and order.
  • Fixed bug #6021 - This fix should mean the /equip command will not pick items already equipped.
  • Fixed bug #6023 - The Default 'no quest message' should now be correct.
  • Fixed bug #6075 - This fixes the bug with items not displaying properly in containers. The frequent complaint was with glyph sacks as it became impossible to see where all your glyphs were. Now all containers are displaying their contents correctly.
  • Fixed bug #6079 - Currently when you see a 'loading screen' appear in game, in order for your character to move again you have to jump or press forward again. You will no longer have to as movement is automatically continued once the load screen closes after loading has finished.
  • Fixed bug #6112 - Due to a mistake in the script some items were assigned an "unidentified" flag when they were crafted despite them not needing it. The mistake in the script has been corrected.
  • Fixed bug #6156 - Settings Devs occasionally got reports from player that a 's or ' at the end of an NPCs name was missing. We now have the ability add them and for them to be displayed properly in both the NPC tab and in the quest dialog window.
  • Partial fix for bug 6192 - This fix will allow NPCs to react properly to things such as spell scripts, which in turn means spells such as fear and darkness will work as intended.
  • Fixed bug #6210 - Some players might remember when they were given or looted items they vanished, this is now fixed so items will not go missing due to this bug any more.
Other fixed bugs
  • Fixed memory leaks in bugs, 6048, 6051, 6052, 6054, 6058, 6074, 6086, 6088, 6093, 6089, 6115, 6125, 6121.
  • Fixed bug #6053 - Eliminate false error messages about empty text documents
  • Fixed bug #6072 - pawsInventoryWindow::UpdateFromContainer() test is wrong
  • Fixed bug #6073 - pawsContainerDescWindow::GetSlot() returns the wrong slot
  • Fixed bug #6077 - GetPSMouseMods() doesn't get modifiers correctly
  • Fixed bug #6169 - Fix container ID for wooden bowl contents.
  • Fixed bug #6173 - Interface>Advanced-Chat>'Lose focus on send' option broken?
  • Fixed bug #6178 - Remove redundant and confusing definitions for ANY_BULK_SLOT and ANY_EMPTY_BULK_SLOT.