Version 0.6.1 Released!

By PlaneShift Team, April 7th 2014      8 comments.

During the last four months we worked hard to bring you another PlaneShift Release, 0.6.1 is now live! A big thank to all developers who participated in this release and to the players, who provided invaluable feedback on current and new features. You can update your client to get 0.6.1, or download the full version from our download page. Read below all the details.

Main highlights

Windows startup crash:One very nasty bug we had was just at client startup on Windows. An immediate crash which required you to launch the game multiple times before it was working. Finally this bug is fixed! Thanks to the Crystal Space team for the support.

Skill advancement: we're releasing one of the biggest changes in the gameplay of the last years: training a skill will now only happen through practice and there is no more the need for you to learn the theory from trainers. This means you'll be no longer required to go back and forth to the trainer to advance and you won't be required to spend Progression Points and money on it. Please note this is valid for Skills only (Blacksmithing, Sword, ...), but Stats (Agility, Intelligence, ...) continue to work as previously.

UI enhancements: Under Options>Interface>Shortcut Bar and Active Magic Window, you can find many new options to customize these two windows, in particular you can change the button size, text size, type of display and many other options. Check them all.

Art: Added three new skins which brings the total included in the client to five. Added item specific icons to display in the active magic window for items with magical (de)buffs, at the moment this does not include looted weapons but we hope to have support for that soon. Added/improved graphical effects for 10 spells. Added athanor mesh for alchemy. Added new warhammer and mace meshes. New spell icons. Merged some icons into a single file to improve performances.

Stability/Memory usage: We started to use a new static code analysis tool (Coverity). The tool revealed many problems, and the engine team fixed tons of memory leaks, pointer issues, variable initializations, numeric errors, memory bounds errors, and compiler warnings. This should improve stability of the client and lower memory leaks.

Natural Resources: Spawn locations of plants and plant parts have been reviewed and altered to improve visibility (some of them was spawning out of the map or in places unreachable by players). We also changed the difficulty levels required to harvest, some plants and metals will be easier to mine while other more precious will stay as hard as they are. The spawn times has been increased while still keeping it short enough so harvesting points will be easily identifiable, this was done to encourage use of harvest and mining.

Harvesting/Mining/Fishing: now the harvested/mined resources' qualities will be handed out with 5 step quality increase (e.g. 50, 55, 60, 65, ...). You can now harvest Treestem Wood and White Oak Wood! Find the right spot and type /harvest wood. Wood will be the main ingredient you need to craft bows and some wooden weapon parts.

Stamina: We revised the rules used to calculate stamina usage when casting spells and in combat.

Crafting: Due to a bug when two or more items were combined the output item's quality was equal to the highest quality item. Now the quality is generally averaged but favoring the mix of ingredients with the less quality difference. For example mixing a 200q and a 300q ingredient will result in a better quality than mixing a 50q and a 300q ingredient.

Sword Making: we have improved the consistency of many sword crafting techniques, especially for platinum steel swords (see bug tracker).

Bow Making: the data has been implemented but the crafting book will be available at the next settings update. So to craft your new bows you'll need to wait a bit, for now you will notice some new tools are available for purchase and some bows have changed their names to match the new dataset.


Lockpicking: We added lockpicking as a new skill in game. We are working our way to make it fun and usable. Should be available shortly. You can use lockpicking to lock and unlock boxes. Locks have a strength which can be opened by equivalent skill rank.

New combat: You can see there are 5 new slots in the information window. Those represent the special attacks queue. The functionality is working already, but we need to add the special moves and the quests/trainers to provide those moves to you. At the moment you cannot use this function, but will be available in the future.

Other Enhancements and new features

  • Added a "/togglerun [run|walk]" user command. (feature req 5645)
  • Added /pet walk and /pet run commands.
  • Added GM /scale command. (will be used to generate larger/smaller monsters)
  • Added /loadShortcuts command.
  • Added /saveShortcuts client side command
  • Make storage and buy/sell windows look a bit different to distinguish them.
  • Set owner in psserver and npcclient so Charm spell and /pet follow work.
  • Disabled last used tab in the descriptions window when windows is opened for the 2nd time.
  • Make storage window resizable so descriptions can be read.
  • Make merchant window resizable so descriptions can be read.
  • Save Shortcut Edit window location.
  • Made Shortcut and ActiveMagic config load font options from all .ttfs found in ttf directory (instead of hard coding). Players can now use a custom font for those windows by dropping it in the correct dir and selecting.
  • Dynamically reload the active magic window when config changes.
  • Changed Active Magic bar to use images by default rather than text
  • Added scrollbar for SC bar
  • Allow money to be dropped into the world. (patch from Neeno)
  • Improved collision of NPCs with terrain (2d detection for partial move).


  • 6228 - Shift-Click-Split Broken
  • 6334 - Command /takestackall doesn't work on the Arena oven when targeting with mouse
  • 6273 - Mobs running in place
  • 6016 - Use CS AttachNew() instead of casting to csPtr
  • 6114 - There is a serious server memory leak with psItem.
  • 6116 - Memory leak when deleting gemContainer
  • 6120 - Memory leak in NetManager::Create()
  • 6122 - Memory leak of NpcDialogMenu objects
  • 6123 - Memory leak in CacheManager when loading craft messages
  • 6124 - Memory leak in psItemStats::ReadItemStats()
  • 6128 - psCharacter::SetActor() uses uninitialized gemActor::combat_stance
  • 6238 - Typos in help.xml
  • 6241 - New /equip behavior
  • 6235 - Chatbox Cursor Positioning by Click
  • 6251 - Fix mouse click that passed through the red X icon to function below window.
  • 5978 and 5655 by updating the open container views upon reception of inventory change by client.
  • 6274 - world containers clearing content when moving items in inventory
  • 6284 - Crash with badly written equip command
  • 5993 - Changed to use 2d distance for NPC movements when checking for reaching destination. When using 3d pos it sometimes happens that the end position was above ground and the npc would stay in one place and going back and forth
  • 4578 - Cleaned up pet code regarding timers.
  • 6295 - Fixed uninitialized values in combo box.
  • 6283 - Changed pawsWidget::SetMaskingImage to use 'GetOrAddPawsImage' so that if an image wasn't already loaded into the art cache it would be.
  • 6280 - Crash when when using GM command "/setskill me all" with skill window open
  • 6211 - Crafting containers linked to the world map with action locations are not guarding items correctly
  • 5693 - (at least the minimum change for now)
  • 6223 - where multiple icons and 'expired' icons are showing overlapped in the Active Magic window.
  • 5742 - Crash when opening containers
  • 6349 - /scale command bugs
  • 5933 - AoE spells ignore instance when detecting targets.
  • Fix stamina drain after dying by not scheduling a new psCombatAttackGameEvent if the player isn't in combat mode.
  • Fix /equip so it looks for the right stack count when searching for item(s) to equip.
  • Fixed scaled movement when NPC is controlled by NPCClient.
  • Fix usage for /guildpoints
  • Fixed infinite loop calling OnButtonPressed if npcdialog bubbles are not enabled.
  • Fixed crash if CacheManager::PreloadScripts() fails.
  • Fixed server crash where containers where moved from world to inventory.
  • Fixed several small issues related to item handling and containers.
  • Fixed condition where the game was not ending properly.
  • Fixed crashes on server if target character is invalid.
  • Fixed bug with button backgrounds by refactoring.
  • Fixed disabled config control for edit mode.
  • Fixed crash in admin manager with the /quest command when an NPC was targeted.
  • Fix sliding after death when mounted.
  • Fix a bug where the player logs out while polymorphed and takes control of random character when logging in.
  • Fix problem with displaying options->Interface->Pop-ups menu if options file not present.
  • Fix NULL pointer crash if exiting before netmanager is initialized.
  • Add buddy to database first. Error case was leaving buddy added to psBuddyManager.