PlaneShift Unreal Alpha Release 0.7.29

By PlaneShift Team, January 28th 2023    Write a comment.

Hello PlaneShifters, a new release just came out of our forge! The biggest news is the availability of voice chat in experimental mode for now. There are also a lot of new fixes!

This release cannot be updated from previous releases, please download it again from our Download page.
Please note the previous game is still up and running, and it is still the master for all data, accounts included. During this transition period the progress will not be kept in the new game until we will completely migrate from the old game to PSUnreal. If you have an account already for the old game, it will work in the new game with the same password. New accounts need to be created here on our website and will be migrated to the new game regularly, please give it 4-5 hours to be migrated.

Here is the list of changes for 0.7.29:

First version of Position Voice Chat implemented. You can enable/disable it under "Settings". Is a push to talk functionality, will allow you to speak to other players in game. You can choose if you want to only receive audio or also to speak, and you have the possibility to select if you want to audio only from GMs. At the moment is not possible to mute one specific player, but it will be added in the next release.
Allowed gameboards to trigger entrances and exits when used as a puzzle
Implemented first version of music score functionality (not done yet). For now you can select a midi file, but not play it yet.
Updated the PSLauncher to detect if a PS Release requires a new full download (will be useful from next version).
Updated the PSUnrealClient to detect if a PS Release requires a new full download or an update through the PSLauncher (will be useful from next version).
Removed lock/unlock icons from context menu in case you cannot access the door
Fixed chat scrolling bug, that was not really showing the full last line
Fixed NPC rotate operation
Fixed "player nearby" perceptions to avoid multiple consecutive perceptions. This fixes Dlayos/Mercenaries behaviour, that was previously always in a loop.
Several fixes to many maps to remove unescapable pits, map errors, etc...
Various ladder fixes
More terraforming to improve the outdoors.
Fixed char description window edit button (works only on self now)
Fixed char description edit button on close.
Fixed double jump on rivnak and drifter.
Terraformed a bit and added foliage to map near Emerald lake.
Fixed mail window minimum size
Fixed potential crashes on crafting by making the server side code more robust
Fixed negative point error on guild window.
Fixed double entries in guild members list.
Fixed freeze and thaw also when part of spells.
Fixed petition window layout
Fixed exit from lavacave room
Fixed NPC movement inside region (still need to check all regions coords)
Fixed movement of some monsters in lavacave
Added attack animation to ghosthand.

All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings.
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