PlaneShift Unreal Alpha Release 0.7.19

By PlaneShift Team, May 10th 2022      One comment.

Hello PlaneShifters, in the last few months we worked hard to improve the alpha of PS Unreal and today we are finally releasing 0.7.19! This is a full release, so you have to download it, the updater cannot update from 0.7.18. Major improvements and the addition of new areas and new functionality.

Here is the list of major changes:

Finished and improved the new Factions window. You can find it in the skills window, last tab. The faction scores for your character are not updated yet, and will be loaded in the next days.
The new factions window contains all new symbols (Dark Way is bugged as its black on black background... will be fixed).
Factions scores are now split between reputation and title. Reputation represents how much that faction likes you and is eager to speak, trade or give you access to special locations. Titles are acquired by completing faction quests and raising up in their hierarchy.
When your faction rating changes, we now update the client properly.

Added the first set of special attacks based on weapon types. Example if you have rank 10 or more in Sword, you will get a special attack called Side Slash. You can see all the special attacks (and special abilities) in the skills window.
While in combat mode (press tab) if you have equipped a weapon with special attacks, you can now press Q for the primary weapon and E for the secondary weapon, to display and select the special attacks. To use the special attack you then just click with your mouse, ensuring you have a target under the crosshair.
Added combat mode attack scroll keys to key mappings.

New Sarraghi Dsar added to Ojaveda, it's a completely new area, with new buildings.
Added new Ojaveda Buildings: granary, water tank, windmill.
Added new Ojaveda banners with symbols for the packs.

First version of Raurim village, it is a Dermorian village with new type of houses and a very large tree. It's unfinished, will be improved in the next release. You can find it north of Ojaveda.

Changed the setup of lights in the game. The result should be more vivid colors and shadows. The dark shadow patches appearing randomly are now fixed. We can have more realistic looking dark areas.
Updated many levels with new lights to use the new light setup, including guildhouses. There is a known bug in Ojaveda at night, the light is not correct.
Improved light for day and night cycle.

Here is the list of additions:
Added new style for Ylian Female hair, you can change it in character creation.

Added lemur hair color options (Light green, light blue, silver, light purple)

In the Settings panel, added option to scale menu bar and increase the size of all simple icon tooltips

Implemented new system for mechanism puzzles, currently used in the lavacave map.

Fixed mantle movement to work better, you should now be able to grab ledges more easily and precisely.
Updated the minimum step height your character can step on without jumping or mantling.

Added back button on character creation screen: the universe view.

Added achievement chat message when getting new achievement, to notify the player of which achievement he got.
Added crystals to some cave maps.
Added sounds to windmill in Delver
Added damage trigger to lavacave lava.
Added Xiosia shrine, Talad Shrine and Laanx shrine to be part of random generated events... soon.
Added Pet Info to /info command.

Here is the list of fixes and various improvements:
Fixes to character creation traits, now properly set color to hair/beard
Fixes to character hair geometry and texture for ylian male
Improved hair color a bit
Fixes to homestead river
Fixes to NPCs getting stuck on bottom of stairs

Improved system for permanent spells effects to be shown on the client
Fixes to magic light spell: persistency, intensity and position. You can remove it by casting magic light again.
Fixed problem of characters going to Dryken plane when falling off map in certain locations.
Added new method for developers to manage the loot spawned in chests. Will allow easier creation of new chest and loot.
In the character creation screen, when you select a trait changing the face, the camera will zoom on the face.
In the character creation screen, during customization you can rotate the character by clicking on it.

Improvements to Random Generated Events, we can now spawning items, and destroy items when the event ends. Random Generated events are not yet used in game, but they will soon.

Fixed NPC dialogues. Proper removal of pending phrases from dialogues with previous NPC.
Fixed chests showing black or wrong textures
Fixed player torch item to have more radius and less falloff
Fixes to laanx dungeon textures
Improvements to performances and lights of Amdeneir
Significant amount of fixes to amdeneir houses to avoid flickering
Fixed access to Platinum Mine

At the moment Windows and Linux are available. The Mac will follow soon.
All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings.
If you are a Patreon you will find the download link on the website directly, if you are a veteran player contact us on Discord to get access.