PlaneShift new server!

By PlaneShift Team, November 13th 2021    No forum post for this article

We are happy to share a new server is available thanks to Proact, our sponsor! Proact is data management specialist company focusing on protecting and maintaining companies data.

Proact is also providing the current production PlaneShift Legacy server, and they have been sponsoring us for many years. The new server will be used for PSUnreal, while we are testing the Alpha. This gives you more opportunities to test and connect to PSUnreal.
The new server will be added to the next release distribution, but you can use it right now if you have 0.7.14 release by editing this file PSUnreal/Config/serverlist.xml and by adding one line, so the file will look like this:

<server name="Test Server (PSUnreal)" description="Test server" ip="" port="7777" statuspage=":8192/status/status.txt"/>
<server name="PROD Server (PSUnreal)" description="PROD server" ip="" port="7777" statuspage=":8192/status/status.txt"/>

As to the many who are asking where we are in the migration of PlaneShift Legacy to PlaneShift Unreal, we are not too far, most of the functionality is ported, and we are going to add the last three missing monsters in the next release (Gobble, Velnishi, Tloke). All areas are ported, all quests as well. There are still some issues on how mounts move, and we are missing musical instruments and ability to draw maps in books. Everything else should be there. The best way is to join in and report bugs or missing functionalities.