PlaneShift Unreal Alpha Release 0.7.12

By PlaneShift Team, August 13th 2021      2 comments.

Hello friends, the new Alpha release 0.7.12 is ready!! This release is available through the PSLauncher, so run that program, and it will update the game. For the one of you which just discovered PlaneShift, you will have to start from 0.7.10, and then patch it up to 0.7.12.

This release is open to all Patreons and to all veteran players of the previous game (200+ hours of gameplay). Thanks to all the ones who are supporting us and cheering for us! Your support is very welcome and is actually what makes us continue in this incredible journey through the years.
For Windows users, be sure you launch it with Administrator rights. If the update fails for any reason, you need to install a clean 0.7.10 version, and then patch.

Here is a list of changes:
- Hundreds of map changes/improvements, in particular:
- Added walls around Hydlaa to make it look more like a properly fortified city, including the Winch
- Changed entrance to arena corridor to make more sense now that we have seamless levels (there is a known leftover of some rocks near Harnquist)
- Updates to most roads going out of Hydlaa to make those look nicer
- Added two small fortresses/castles on the map (still to be populated with NPCs/Items)
- Added Hydlaa farming area (to the left of the road to Oja)
- Added new village Homestead to the west of Hydlaa, can you find it?
- Added test version of river and waterfall
Added Goujah. It's a draft animal used in the farms
Fixed the torch, may the light of Talad shine upon you. Equip it for some light! Added new tannery tools/items, mostly used for Homestead village, but in the future can also be used for something else
Added missing window to inspect player information (right click, eye icon)
Made bracers working again! Added bracer sockets to all races with proper scale
Fixed NPC movement on many maps, before they were not able to move/walk properly
Fixes to Pet window, to better separate Primary pet from mounts
Fixed summoning of secondary pet (mount)
Updated the mounts to have multiple speed as characters, so you can walk/run/sprint
Fixed riding for drifter and Rivnak. Unfortunately still not good, but usable
Added quest notes, saved locally. Should be compatible with old notes, except some cases where you have special characters
Equip by default goes to right hand, except bows and shields
Fixed NolthrirM ponytail position, geometry and weights on stoneb male hair and beard
Fixed character creation screens not to be stuck on homeworld (silence placeholder added)
Fixed /rp commands not triggering on the right character
Fixed round shield missing texture
Fixed wrong item positions in arena
Fixed bug on trees, now those should look more naturally lit, without the bright shade at night
Fixed some weather code bugs
Fixes to random generated events

At the moment Windows and Linux are available. For Mac we will create it if there is enough request.
All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings. You can report crashes and other in game bugs. You will also probably find many missing features comparing this version to the original version of the game. On these ones please do not report yet in Flyspray, we are aware of what is missing and will be added in future releases.
If you are a Patreon you will find the download link on the website directly, if you are a veteran player contact us on Discord to get access.