PlaneShift Unreal Alpha Release 0.7.11

By PlaneShift Team, July 5th 2021      2 comments.

Greetings Planeshifters, the new Alpha release 0.7.11 is ready, it has been released few days ago, but we took some time to test it before publishing this news. Seems stable enough now! This release is available through the PSLauncher, so run that program, and it will update the game.

This release is open to all Patreons and to all veteran players of the previous game (200+ hours of gameplay). Thanks to all the ones who are supporting us and cheering for us! Your support is very welcome and is actually what makes us continue in this incredible journey through the years.
For Windows users, be sure you launch it with Administrator rights. If the update fails for any reason, you need to install a clean 0.7.10 version, and then patch.

Here is a list of changes:
- Fixed emotes pop up window, with a predefined set of emotes you can use. Still you can use other emotes by chat command. Right click on your character then click on the emote icon.
- Created the emotes icons.
- Added group chat which was missing
- Added new progress bar for crafting
- Added crafting animations
- Added crafting hammer particle
- Added the server status report file, and client display in the login window, you can now see if a server is online and when it was last online.
- Added a new area to Bronze Doors!
- Added TRIBES! This was a major piece missing from the porting of the old game. It's a first iteration, not sure if they work fully yet
- Removed restriction on last name being unique. Now only first name must be unique
- Added large metal barricade and door and a barricade pack to be used in Stone Labyrinths
- Fixed most monsters animations and movements, there were some systematic bugs which prevented many of them from moving/fighting, it should be better now
- Fixed pterosaur travel functionality, added travel loading screen
- Prevented the drop in 3d world while speaking with NPCs
- Reduced the maximum distance of dropping items to 5 meters. Before you could drop them very far away
- Fixed problem in speaking with NPCs, where the Exchange/Inventory window could not be dragged properly (mouse stuck)
- Fixed clacker monster flickering
- Fixed water in the arena to be non colliding
- Fixed some collision in Delver village
- Fixed crash on trading with non player characters
- Fixed collision of trees in hydlaa, you should not get stuck anymore if you jump on a tree
- Fixed positions of items in various areas
- Fixed few items meshes and textures
- Some fixes to pet to have them summoned with command /pet summon id:0
- Ability to rename pet by pet UI
- Fixed invisibility of GMs and NPCs
- Fixed right click on map elements (like the quench tank) to connect to containers
- Added gravity setting for gms. /set me gravity off
- Fixed an old problem with our windows where the resize icon was misplaced.
- Fixed icon sizes in spellbook.
- Fixed character movement values when you exit from swim and go back to walk.
- Fixed rounding error on capacity in inventory window

All three platforms are available: Windows, Linux and Mac.
All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings. You can report crashes and other in game bugs. You will also probably find many missing features comparing this version to the original version of the game. On these ones please do not report yet in Flyspray, we are aware of what is missing and will be added in future releases.
If you are a Patreon you will find the download link on the website directly, if you are a veteran player contact us on Discord to get access.