PlaneShift Unreal Alpha Release 0.7.8

By PlaneShift Team, February 20th 2021      2 comments.

We are glad to announce a new Alpha of PSUnreal is available! Version 0.7.8. It is the fourth Unreal Alpha release after the one of January 2021, and there are a lot of new features and fixes.

This release is open to all Patreons and to all veteran players of the previous game (200+ hours of gameplay). Thanks to all the ones who are supporting us and cheering for us! Your support is very welcome and is actually what makes us continue in this incredible journey through the years.
Here is the changelog for this Alpha:

- Fixed interaction with NPCs, you can now trade properly
- Fixed a number of bugs in quests, you should now be able to complete quests properly
- Added new particle effects for nearly all spells (crystal aura and crystal mirror are known to be not working)
- Added Audio for nearly all spells, reusing old PS ones
- Dozens of maps fixes, removing holes/gaps in maps
- Fixed equip of torso and robe which was causing some parts of the body to become invisible
- Added Combine and Use icons for crafting. Crafting should now be fully usable
- Added Death Realm
- Reworked Options panel (it's still missing nice background or icons)
- Changed day/night cycle to use better lights, night is now darker (known bug on red trees at night in outdoors)
- Added loading screen (images are placeholders) to avoid seeing your char fly until load completed
- Fixed audio volumes at startup
- Some fixes to digging/mining
- Fixed bugs on calculation of Stamina
- Added possibility to train stats
- Fixed some issues when receiving active spells
- Added completed events list in the quest window
- Fixed transformer tool so people cant anymore have flying tables
- Improved menu for transformer tool
- Added some temporary animation for mining
- Fixed plate mail armor textures
- Some fixes to missing item icons
- Added command for clean server shutdown
- Bug fixing on several commands, including /who, /die

All three platforms are available: Windows, Linux and Mac.
All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings. You can report crashes and other in game bugs. You will also probably find many missing features comparing this version to the original version of the game. On these ones please do not report yet in Flyspray, we are aware of what is missing and will be added in future releases.
If you are a Patreon you will find the download link on the website directly, if you are a veteran player contact us on Discord to get access.