PSUnreal Testing Weekend

By PlaneShift Team, July 31st 2021    No forum post for this article

Before releasing a new Alpha, we want to be sure to catch all important bugs, and we need your help to test the game, and keep the bugtracker up to date. Join us this weekend for a round of play tests on PSUnreal.

The PS Unreal server will be up the whole weekend, please all veteran players and Patreons launch the game and test it. Interact with other players, do quests, check items skins and icons, check combat, spells, anything you want.
Report bugs on our Flyspray, also if you have opened some bugs there, check if those are now marked as "ready to test". In this case test them again in game and if those are working fine, request a closure for that bug.
About Linux we are aware there are some issues with stability of Vulkan drivers, that's not something we can solve ourselves, but Epic Games is working on it, and in their next release there will hopefully be some fixes.

If you are a Patreon you will find the download link on the website directly, if you are a veteran player (200+ hours in the old game) contact us on Discord to get access.