Training dummies and fixes

By PlaneShift Team, February 12th 2017      4 comments.

We added traning dummies, made fixes to quests and NPCs.

Art - NPCs, Items, icons

  • We have made more fixes to the current quests.
  • A harvesting skill quest has been added.

Setting - Quests

  • Some new NPCs, items, and icons based off of player made training dummies and archery targets.
  • Fixed an art bug causing gawerts marked as 'statues' from displaying in a very distorted pose.
  • Fixed a bug with Armored Riverlings combat animations.
  • Additions to a number of quests to support the addition of the Assassin combat styles.
  • We have fixed access to the house in Gugrontid if you have done the keen edge combat quest line.

Rules - NPCs

  • You can no longer mount a pet while spells which morph you or it are active.

Rules - Crafting

  • Number of ores per successful dig can now be greater than 1.

Rules - Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the treasure chest script that was preventing to loot Falchion (normal and magic version). This manifested by being told you looted a sword but never received one.