New boss

By PlaneShift Team, November 18th 2017    No comments.

A new boss has been added and some quests to support him.

Rules: NPCs

  • A new Boss: We have introduced a new boss! With this last addition we have completed the base set of Bosses. Pay a visit to Belcor Krakko to hear about it!

Setting: NPCs

  • - New NPCs have been made merchants and now see a series of items only previously available from GMs.

Setting: Quests

  • A quest has been added to support the new Boss.
  • Since the last update a whole host of quest fixes have been made. The majority of these however were already released as they are now made directly in production.


  • Creative items are now seperated into 'books' 'maps' and 'music'.
  • There are now public maps and music scores, please let us know if they don't work.
  • Wands are now called staves (will be staff) in the next update.
  • All non-implemented skills are now labeled such in the skill description window.