Weapon Academies and quests

By PlaneShift Team, December 18th 2016      11 comments.

Introducing Weapon academies: new quests and mentors to teach you special tricks in combat.

Settings - Quests

  • 5 New quests to support the first combat school.
  • Support for buying Two Handed, and Shield Mastery combat moves.
  • Addition of a set up for the The Order of the Keen Edge in the arena.
  • Addition of items spread throughout the arena to act as markers so to help you orientate yourself.
  • Many quest fixes.

Settings - NPCs

  • New NPC: In the frame of the sword academy, a new NPC has been added. The Ylian Roniston Shane, a Laanx fanatic located in the wild around the Bronze Door Fortress.
  • A series of 'stuffed' defeated bosses will be visible in the eagle heard fortress. These will include the selected submissions created by players. Thanks to all the players that took the time to submit ideas to us.

Settings - Others

  • A new combat hall has been added in an empty room in the Eagle Head Fortress, on the opposite side to the banquette hall.

Rules - NPCs

  • A new gameplay: There is a new Ulbernaut tribe in BDoors out. The players will now be able to group up and stop the tribe from collecting enough resources to start an invasion. The tribe led by a Maulberlord will hunt and gain resources by killing players. If one of its member is killed, the tribe will loose resources.

Rules - Combat

  • The first weapon academy has been implemented: it is dedicated to the blades users and known as The Order of the Keen Edge. Its Grandmaster is Gregori Stevald and it's to him that you shall refer. It is the first of many more academies. Each type of weapon will have its own. You can join only one of them but you will always have the choice to quit.
  • A new combat style - Single Handed Sword. If you join the Order of the Keen Edge, you will be taught the "Single Handed Sword". This will add style to your combat with a blade.
  • Two new secondary combat style - Two Handed & Shield Mastery. Most of the academies will train you in secondary styles for sale: "Two Handed" style, for claymore and warhammer users.
  • "Shield Mastery", for one-hand weapon and shield users (It features several blocking manoeuvres and shield attacks).

Rules - Crafting

  • New experimental implementation - Random bonus modifier for crafting: when you craft an item there is now a small chance to obtain a random bonus corresponding to the cost of the item and its stats. experimental implementation of random crafting bonuses; Known bugs: the crafting bonuses are not retained during the combination process

Rules - Spells

  • 3 new spells have been added: 2 Brown Way spells (and this will complete the Brown Way gameplay) and 1 Azure Way spell.

Rules - Fixes

  • Fixed the lack of lootable medium helms.
  • Fixed waypoint network in the Arena and BDout map.
  • Fixed the Cooking Fish book combinations.
  • Fixed an exploit to train Body Development skill by repeatedly issuing the /die command inside the Death Realm map.
  • Fixed several NPC behaviors, including base movement, improving overall the NPC client stability and efficiency.
  • Fixed several process names: improve readability of some crafting manuals including the enchanting book. It also fixes some typos.

Art - items/icons

  • Fixed the Assassin style icons. They have been upgraded to a better version.
  • Added custom smoke to forges and furnaces.
  • Added icons to support new special combat moves.
  • Made fixes to a number of legacy items in the client so they can now be used in game (sink, foot tub, crossbow, mirror, gift boxes, spice shaker).
  • Added player made items - fork, spoon, plate, ornate crossbow, crossbow bolt. Some of these are available now, some will be in the future.
  • Added droppable effects, currently GM only.

Art - UI

  • We have made changes to the storage and merchant windows to make their differences more ovbious. We have also added inventory slots to the small inventory window for crafters.