Combat improvements and a new Boss

By PlaneShift Team, October 22nd 2016      2 comments.

Some new quests, a new big guy to fight, improvements to crafting and some fixes, in this mini-update!

Settings - Quests

  • NEW: A rare Growth. [Thanks Gaheris for contribution.]
  • Additions to a number of quests to support the addition of the Assassin combat styles.

Rules - NPCs

  • A new boss: Zlatac. See Beniua to get a clue!

Rules - Combat

  • A new combat style: Assassin. For the dedicated shadowy characters. By completing the thief quests, you will have access to five new combat moves. For those who already have completed the quest line, the style is already unlocked.

Rules - Improvements and fixes

  • Creation of a script that allow the server to recognize when you kill a boss. You will now receive an on screen system message when you kill a boss for the first time. This will allow us to implement MyPlane achievements in the future.
  • The stack crafting is now enabled for: Alchemy, Kran food, Cooking, Broadsword, Axes, Blades, Common and rare stock. This include combinations whenever possible. With this improvement, we completed stack crafting for all the crafting patterns available.
  • The waypoint network in the laanx dungeon has been extended, this should mitigate the problem of NPCs teleporting while fleeing.
  • Fixed a bug with NPC behaviour in response to some debuff like Fear, Terror, Instill Confusion, etc.
  • Fixed the bug causing items vanishing from the furnace after few seconds.
  • Fixed the bug that was making it impossible to craft gold chain (jewelry crafting) and leather cheekplate (armor crafting).

Rules - Spells

  • The direct damage component for Meteor and Lava Pit spells has been raised a bit to bring it in line with other Red Way spells.
  • The Crystal Way spell Blessed Lithany will now give an increase max health buff as well as providing area healing.