Version 0.6.1 Released!

By PlaneShift Team, April 7th      8 comments.

During the last four months we worked hard to bring you another PlaneShift Release, 0.6.1 is now live! A big thank to all developers who participated in this release and to the players, who provided invaluable feedback on current and new features. You can update your client to get 0.6.1, or download the full version from our download page. Read below all the details.

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Rules Update

By PlaneShift Team, January 1st      8 comments.

Merry Xiosiamas PlaneShifters and Happy New Year! We wish you a merry christmas and we bring you some good news! We've just delivered a small rules update. The update includes Crafting, Engine and Spells! The changes are all server side and will not require a client update!

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Version 0.6

By PlaneShift Team, November 19th      41 comments.

PlaneShift Team is proud to present another major milestone in the development of PlaneShift! Release 0.6.0 is now live. The release will actually happen in two phases, first we release it to you, our beloved fans, so we can test it together for few days. It's in fact available as an update of the 0.5.x release you should already have installed. Then we will release it officially also to magazines, web sites and press, with more massive advertising and full installers. For the official launch (few days away) we have some additional good stuff to release!

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